Murder Mystery Improvement Ideas

Hi everybody.

I am a passionate player on the Hive server, as I initially joined back in 2018 and still play regularly today. My most favourite game mode is the Murder Mystery mode, and I was wondering if you would be open to my suggestions in regards to improving the game mode.

Now of course, the game mode is fine the way it is, because if it wasn’t, I would have no interest in playing. All I suggest are a few tweaks to the game’s logistics to help spice things up a bit.

Firstly, it would be amazing to have more roles in the game other than the innocent, sheriff and murderer roles. Maybe increasing the player count per match helps, but I was thinking that maybe a sabotaging role for the innocents might provide more of a challenge. If there are plenty of players still alive about maybe a minute into the game, a random player will have the option to temporarily switch sides to the murderer, allowing them to kill an innocent player. This may be a role a player is given at the start of the game, or throughout.

Another idea for the improvement of Murder Mystery is the addition of uses for coins. Maybe a shop-style system can be introduced on each map to purchase ender-pearls or murderer detectors at a high price (maybe 20-25) to encourage players to collect more coins. Another idea to improve coin-collecting is a bow that allows you to shoot one player at no consequences to you for an extremely high price, perhaps around 30-40 coins. These modifications to the game will ensure players will try and collect coins rather than mindlessly running about the map.

My third suggestion is that there are more effects and items to be implemented through different aspects of the game, such as innocents receiving a slowness effect in the last 30 seconds to increase the chances of the murderer winning. Maybe adding items for the murderer that hits the player to temporarily change skins into a default hive costume. I have only played in around 5 or 6 games where the murderer has won, and 4 of those games were when I was the murderer. When players are the murderer, it is extremely difficult to win if you are a casual player, and encouraging casual players to play more is important in retaining server population.

Of course, there are opportunities to improve the game by creating new maps, of varying size and difficulty, maybe having larger maps having the capability to have a 32-player game with two murderers. Personally, it would be really nice to incorporate more maps with more than one storey so that you can see more of the map. I would be more than willing to help create these maps, seeings though I am such a passionate supporter of The Hive and its development. If I’m not allowed to do so, I would be happy to at least provide a theme for new maps if you were to respond.

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to read this post, and I hope that you guys might consider implementing one of these ideas into the game. To whomever else is reading this post, please let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Hmm… these sound like super interesting ideas (I personally would love that mega map idea), although im unsure about the sabotager role and the no-penalty bow.

oh, and welcome to the forums!


Interesting suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice suggestions! We ask that you only suggest one thing per thread.

Please be sure to give this post a read before submitting more ideas :smiley:

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