Murder mystery ideas for when new hub arrives

  1. Murder Mystery
    Murder mystery is by far my favourite game so these are my suggestions:
  • A murderer detector when there is 1 minute left of the game so the innocent can have a higher chance of survival. :shushing_face:
  • When you are on a podium you can select an emote which you could unlock in your lockers and the podium people will do them and even celebrates eg fireworks (this will be for all games so here is a reminder about that) :partying_face:
  • A throwable wear a bee has its stinger facing the players direction (if its directly thrown at them). :smiling_imp:
  • A new ghost colour eg. rainbow at prestige 1 and so on. :rainbow:

I dont think this would fit well since the murder is supposed to find the innocent and the innocent is supposed to avoid the murderer

Dupe buddy: "Victory Pose" (unlockables)

Prestiege is just reunlocking things you already had before so I doubt there will be game unlocks for prestiges

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Great suggestion, but you should put this in #suggestions:murder-mystery.

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He shouldn’t be making these suggestions at all, you are only allowed to have 1 suggestion per post so people know what they are voting for.