More Variety on Quests


More Variety in quests, more games and no copy+pasted quests…

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I’ve been getting a little mad with the quests in Hive… I haven’t seen any variety, and all I’ve seen is Wars, MM, or SG… After a while of grinding, these quests can get boring and it’d be cool to see more variety with quests… like different things instead of “Wars: Kill 5 people“ and “Wars Mega: Kill 5 people.”

It’d also be cool to see quests for the newer games, like Just build! For instance: “20QP: Get Top 3 in Just Build,” and “10QP: Play Just Build 1x,” ECT.

And SkyWars: “30QP: Win a game of SkyWars 2x,” and “10QP: Kill 3 People,” ECT.

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I’m pretty sure when Quests V2 come out there will be more variety. SkyWars quests will be added soon, but I agree with adding quests for JB