More JB levels conception

Hive should add more levels. Im sure that Just Build have more potential to have more interesting prizes. This gamemode would have 25 levels and would get new Just Build skin unlockable at lv25 (cuz I find that this gamemode need more beautiful addapted to Hive skins standards). There can be unlocked new hats(for egzaple “Builder hat” which can be a very cool hat). Winning effect voice would be welcomed. New title “The God Creator”

There are already suggestions for more levels in JB but they aren’t as detailed and specific

Heres the closest dupe I could find to yours:

Also just speaking for your topic, adding 5 more levels would be fine but right now their XP system needs to be fixed and there also has to be better moderation (moderation doesn’t have to do with your post specifically but im just saying).

Heres a post to improve the XP system btw: Just Build xp fix - #4 by JiMSUEE