More Hub Quests!

More hub quests

More information:
During Halloween, Christmas, and the Lunar update, me and my friend loved the hub quests, but when it’s not that time of the year all we have is Dora the Explorer. Can you plz make more hub easter eggs every few months so hub never gets old?

An Easter egg hunt could take place soon (I never played hive on Easter so if they already do that then idk.)

I think quest v2 will include stuff like this if u want this stuff go vote for that here

Cool, but that’s not the quests I meant…

Sorry! I must have misunderstood u!

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It’s ok I meant the things in the hub that you had to look for to gain a hub title or to help an npc.

This is already comming this year with quests v2 you can check out the public road map here Trello
Hope this helps :cubee:

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Already said tht :neutral_face:

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