More arrows/ammo for zappers!

Usually you would get a one shot zapper when you collect 10 coins, however I think you should be able to get more arrows/ammo.
Every 10 coins you collect you get an extra shot and if you miss, you get a cool down just like the sheriff zapper so people can’t spam them. (Maybe you can have a longer cool down than the sheriff zapper.)

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Fine idea, but in my opinion, this would be overpowered. You would think that one shot for innocents is nerfed, but there’s 14 other innocents who can get this one shot, and a sheriff with unlimited shots. When you add that up, that’s a lot of chances to kill the murderer!

It would also be overpowered because the murderer ALREADY has a somewhat difficult time winning, and it gets even harder when some of the innocents have a good aim, including me. If we had more shots, then the murderer would almost never win!

Btw, if you want to get more shots, always try to get 10 coins as fast as you can, and don’t wait until the perfect time to shoot the murderer. Always shoot the first time you see the murderer, even when it’s a difficult shot. If you miss, try to keep an eye on the sheriff and get the hat when they die for more shots. :wink:


Fair point, maybe their could be a limit like 3 shots because of the max coin Xp which is 30.

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I completely agree with this, if you get the bow and miss there’s not really much reason to keep playing, since no matter how good you are at the game there’s nothing you can do to help your team. Making it so you get a 1 shot bow every 10 coins instead of just the one is a great idea. Voted

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Or a vending machine for 15 coins you get an extra arrow