Murder mystery update⁉️

Murder mystery content update

Hey there hive players! I got an pritty coll idea for an MM content update.
So i thougt about adding some really cool fertures to the game!

Murder fertures:
It would be cool if the murder could change his form ( skin )!
If the murder could change his skin to any player in the round it would make the game much harder!
The murder could hold the form for 1-2 minutes until he transforms back.
After 2minutes or a kill he could get another chance to transform!
It would be cool if the murder gets an extra special tool where all player names are in a menu so he can chose one of them:

a scanner
It would be cool if the sheriff would have a scanner so he can scan people to see if they are incorrect or not!
The scanner works 3 times in a game and he can use it every 2 minutes.

more players
If these features would get added the murder would have it to easy to kill all players in time, so i thought about adding a higher player number in game!
Up to 25 or 30 players and a 30 minute play time would be amazing!
The game would be much more interesting and fun to play!

extra bow
Everyone knows the moment when you got a 1 shot bow and miss the murder!
Thats pretty annoying and it would be cool if you can get a second 1 shot bow at 30 coins!
Players would have a second chance to save the day!

Thats all! I hope you like my idea and if im lucky its getting added!
Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Thats actually an very good idea

This would be VERY op. It’s basically a free pass for the murder to blame someone else for half the game and win almost every time

Might be a dupe but I couldn’t find a post

ok… 30 players is too many people, maybe 20 at max… but 30 minutes?!?? No offense but everyone’s gonna leave the game from boredom. It’s gonna drop 20/30 players in 10 minutes from pure boredom

With the xp cap, the players are gonna have nothing to do after 7 minutes except run around, so boredom would set in very quickly

Duplicate: More arrows/ammo for zappers!


Yeah who knows how many ten year olds are gonna download the entirety of skindex for this…

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