Make Voting “Meh” to Many Times Punish Your Own Score

I think that Just Build should have a feature that punishes the player or team for voting Meh to many times so everyone gets a fair score. People will vote Meh on every build because they want to win and not because the build is bad. So please add a feature that takes away from your own score if you vote Meh too many times.

people vote meh because the build is bad :skull:
what if all the builds are bad and i vote meh, I dont wanna vote love on an empty build.


have you ever had a game where all of the builds are genuinely meh


Yeah. People always vote my builds as meh.

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like every single game

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I’ve been playing a few games of build lately and I haven’t seen that many Meg spammers (maybe one or two)

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Meh voters are the biggest problem in Just Build. The fix to this problem is not just limit how many times they can vote meh, or even punish them for it. The best solution to this issue is probably build vs build, if you like to check it out click here
I swear there was a post that was the same idea of punishing meh voters xp, I can’t find it so oh well.

they probably because they are bad. not to be rude and all but the reason why is becquse people think it sucks

Almost every game I play will have horrible builds, doing this is like taking away peoples opinions lol

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I get Mehs all the time on every round and it does bother me sometimes. Actually, it doesn’t stop me from grinding the level 20 ~ my build somehow made it to score Top 3; 1st 2nd and 3rd place.
I voted Ok to the ones that are trying.

That’s genius! That WOULD fix the problem! Because Just Build is pure pain lol

Hive just hire him lol

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