Make time limit on skywars bigger pleeeseee

the time limit is wayyy tooo short plee make it either infinite and map gets smaller same as treasure or longer pleeese its way to short as it is now plese make biger

What game are you reffering to?

I’m assuming it is Treasure Wars as I saw “treasure”.

The time limit is as fine as it is and Hive wants their games to be fast-paced.

Use #suggestions for suggestions and only use the #games for general. For Treasure Wars or SkyWars, use the #games:treasure-wars and the #games:skywars subcategories, or #suggestions:treasure-wars and #suggestions:skywars.


I agree, a lot of skywars games end up as ties, there should not be as many ties are there currently are.


Yeah they should probably increase it to 15minutes like SG

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no sky wars all tho id love tresure wars to have infinite but tresures is fine even tho it would be more fun to have infinite but skywars neeedddsss as its hard to win it in the time its just too short

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Nah, infinite twars would be so annoying


Well still, Hive wants their games to be fast-paced.

yer but at what cost? making mot games a draw cause you lost your squad or are pinned in a island? it dosnt make it more fast paced just meens you get more draws

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boi, you do not speak english much or something?

i’m literally having a stroke reading your post


how it would be awesome

Imagine someone hiding, delaying the game until you just give up. They’d get a win, instead of a tie

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Yep. That one kid that found an insane hiding spot would trigger me.

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what do you meen yes i speek english?

no youd just use a traking compass and boom there done

doesn’t look so, i’m seeing a lot of grammar mistakes

nice try kid

why you reply to speek with this? also this isnt school


Arthur’s being kind of rude, but you should try to improve your grammar so people can understand your posts :grin:


He talked like this on discord in the murder mystery chat at the end of 2019

if your corecting my spelling let me remind you pelled boy boi as long as you can understand me it dosnt mater