Make time limit on skywars bigger pleeeseee

i will try what exactly is grammar? i would’ve thout people could understand





Please guys, leave it there, it creates unnecessary toxicity… Let’s get back on topic please :blush:
I personally think that the timer should be a bit more longer in case of some people hiding underground. I never got a tie, but still. 10 minutes is a bit too short.


So urm I’m just gonna continue from Arthur’s point.
I suggest using apps such as grammarly or just any word document that’ll correct your English so that people can understand you better.


If you get a compass you can locate the hiders quite fast.
But yeah if most of your fights are dragged out then there won’t be enough time at the end to find them, perhaps it should be extended to 15 minutes. :face_with_monocle:

This looks like the sought of thing that should be decided by a vote so:

  • same 10 minutes per game
  • 15 minutes per game
  • 20 minutes per game

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dood why pik on me arthur spelled boy boi

not saying your meen but it dosnt mater if some words are not good if thats what you meen

also good idea with vote

Just get the grammarly plugin to help you fix your spelling mistakes. Spelling matters no matter what you’re writing.

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Some people spell boy as boi. It’s a meme


its still wrong why do peple say for me and not when peple say boyyy like as long as you can reed it it fine

It’s a meme. That’s why no one says it’s wrong

Proper spelling is important to help people understand you more easily. We shouldn’t have to decipher what “reed” and “peple” mean, but let’s all try to get back on topic.

just cause its a meme dosnt meen its rite can i say every ord is say that is wrong is rite cause of meen and it dosnt mater

reed and peple look rite like surely you no what that meens

If you don’t want to improve your English that’s fine, even though it would be a great skill to have

I’m not trying to be rude or anything but it’s really hard to know what you’re saying. Is English your first language or no?

Just take it to a private message, there’s really no point in arguing anymore

i literally cannot understand any single word you say, so you were automatically denied


how can you no it looks fine to me