Make the arcade ferris wheel functional

The ferris wheel in the arcade currently is just a build. This is a bit disappointing since it would be cool to ride on. If the ferris wheel worked not only would we be able to sit on it for no apparent reason, but we would also get a pretty nice view of the hub through the window of the cabin of a giant metal wheel.

I would imagine this would need to be an entity, so it would disappear after you went a certain distance away from it. I think to fix this they could do something similar to mailbot hq, where they built a mailbot face underneath the entity so it looked normal from a distance.

Thank you for reading! :smile:

Shure I’ll vote and thx for the bump on my post :slight_smile:

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I absolutely love this idea when the Ferris Wheel is functional, so I’ll go ahead and give this a vote. :blobheart:

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