Make replay IDs available after the game has ended

A lot of the time, a final 1v1 can be against a cheater, making it hard to get a replay ID. Once the “Game Over” sign flashes, you can’t get a replay ID. If it were possible to get the replay ID after the game is won, or in the post-game lobby, that would help greatly when reporting cheaters as well as for if the feature is ever released to the public.

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Maybe also add for the replay codes to be shorter. It’s kinda long even just type them out and maybe something like 6 or 8 characters should be enough

that probably wouldn’t be good because then replay IDs might get recycled after a while

or a save to replays option at the end of the game

but they would still be with random letters, numbers and maybe even some symbols and they can expire after an hour or so of use. Again also, they are gonna make sure that symbols like I (which some people mistake for another symbol) won’t be in the Replay ID.

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We’re looking into this :+1:

Regarding replay ID length:

We save so many games a day that we currently can’t stray away from the ID mapping used by our storage system - in the future with in-game reporting and replay browsing this will become less of a problem, as you will rarely interact with the IDs.


Ok thanks for the clarification on them! I thought that might be the reason why and still thanks for telling us. Also very hyped for all the new reporting things coming along so GL on making them happen!