Make Golden Apples heal you fully

In Bridge, gapples are supposed to give you all your health back (plus saturation, obviously). Whether you’re at 1 heart or 9, it’ll bring up back up to full. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

Hive’s gapples in Bridge are practically useless otherwise.


I agree with this 100% also with the way apples slowly heal over time bridge you just dont have time for healing its more of a sweat based game mode

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No!!! Don’t do this!! Kills already give you health, and if you manage to win a fight, the health you get back compensates for the health lost

This seems like a good addition, right now golden apples are pretty much useless and provide no advantage.
Even with health on kill, you don’t get healed up all the way sometimes, and if you’re playing someone of the same skill level, being down 2 hearts is a humongous disadvantage in my mind

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Yeah but the whole idea was to make Hive bridge different and unique from the other bridge game modes. Making gaps heal you fully would be copying Hypixel and we all know it doesn’t end well when that happens.

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It’s not a bad thing to copy a good idea, so long as credit is given where credit is due. Obviously the Hypixel devs decided from a balance perspective that having gapples heal you fully was the right way to go. In the current meta gapples are just bad, so why not try to buff them in this way? Theres a high chance that the leap item will still be so much better, so… why not add variety?

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I agree as this would be a good way to buff the gapple kit, as it needs one.


because Bridge is exclusive to Hypixel.

no not always. if you win by a heart or half then you wont get nearly enough health to win the next fight.


No, that’s just how hypixel decided it to work, but yes it is definitely a good change.

I don’t really see how people think this goes against the hive’s rule of ‘making their server unique’ when the gapples are literally just from the base game.


Tbh they should replace them with golden heads eg, being able to eat them instantly, and healing all health pulse the usal 2 golden hearts

Bro you quoted out of context

I didn’t just say “copying Hypixel” while talking about the idea of the game. You took my message completely out of context in attempt to make me look stupid.

@CaptainPurzy that would just break the game, everyone would use gapple kit and just be unbalanced.

Well at the moment, no one uses gapple kit.
And it’s just as balanced as baller or leap kit.

Seems pretty in context to me
Just because one server has it doesn’t mean hive is copying, plus hypixel probably wasn’t the first to do that (someone correct me if I’m wrong please)


what are you on about.

you said this idea is “copying hypixel”

literally the same thing but i summarised what you said into two words. relax.

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Isn’t that exactly what Hive was trying to avoid when putting Bridge in the Arcade update? They wanted to implement it but make it fun, unique, interesting to all players. And I feel that making gaps heal you fully would be one step closer to other server’s versions. ie: Hypixel. Im not saying the idea is original to Hypixel or that it would be “copying” per se. Copying was obviously the wrong word to choose.

@CaptainPurzy so do you think that I should be changed or not? If you think it’s balanced then it shouldn’t be changed.

Thats a good point, maybe instead of gaps they get health pots or regen pots or something that heals to full

also, i feel like they coulda just removed gapples and replaced it with a pot kit that gets health + regen + strength + jump boost + whatever pots instead

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Thank you thank you thank you. I’m honestly trying to keep this game balanced

I do think it should be changed I was saying that my proposed change would be balanced

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Tbh so are leap and snowballs they where unbalanced the then the nerfed them and now golden apples are useless XD

How were snowballs nerfed?

How would you balance it? Have you already answered? If so I’m sorry I’m super tired rn