Make ctf prestigeable

Make it so you can prestige up to 5 times like tw but first add levels

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Ctf doesn’t even have 50 levels, let alone a 100, so making ctf prestigable will be very low on Hive’s priority list.

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True but would be cool


Also is the most popular arcade game and would be the first prestigable game on arcade

But the sweats

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Ik but its my fav gamemode and i hate tw

Or they change it so they queue gamrs with lvls rhat are below or are the same lvl as u

Games*not gamrs

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It just came out I wouldn’t want a prestige yet

We should probably wait a couple months besides already asking for more levels and prestieges.


Well this is my suggestion and i agree with what you you say but i only ask because it is my fav gamemode apart from hide or mm

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Its is one of the best gamemodes the Hive has ever made but it is very easy to level up which after maxing the game made most quit playing it. It does need more levels first before prestiging.

Also I don’t understand why people hate the idea of adding new levels to it already?? So many people love this game but have no reason to play it since they reached maxed level. I know you can play for fun and all but most don’t since other games on Hive that are fun and they can still level up in.


I’m level 20 bruh

Nice i am to

A reason I could think of is it being hard to catch up with levels. Prestige for a game that has only gotten 20 levels before even adding a lesser amount of levels is a huge skip, and it would be stressful for people who like to max games because you have to catch up so fast.

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I think it would be cool if CTF eventually had prestige. I think CTF needs at least 50 levels in order for this to work because 20 levels is not that much work to do. I do like this idea for the future, just not now.


I would love this to be prestigeable because so many people grind this game or just played for fun and when I maxed The game I felt that once I maxed it I was very bored and felt no reason to play the game anymore and to add to maxing people just target lvl 20s just to be rude so a prestige would be awesome

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