Make Bows Back To 10 Diamonds And Arrows 20 Gold

Pls There Still Cheap Enough For People To Bow Spam

Arrows should be 16 for 8 simply because that is easier to track lol, or you could make it like 32 for 16 or something so it’s harder to get arrows in early game, but yeah, this was a good change that I feel people mostly only complained about since they overused the bow


I think 10 diamonds for a bow is too much considering you can now get iron armor for 12 diamonds and not lose your armor if you die but can lose your bow if you die, so I think 5 diamonds is a fair price, maybe it can be raised to 7 but that’s just about it in my opinion. I also think 20 gold for 8 arrows is way to much considering bow spamming close range doesn’t do anywhere near as much damage as it did.


nah. Bows are fine that was to expensive


Who remembers when it was 8 gold for 8 arrows?


I believe it was 10 for 10, not 8 for 8

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Eh. 5 dias for a bow and 16 gold for arrows is good.

People are just going to cry BOW SPAMMMER AAAAHHHHHHHHH whenever and whyever they get shot at. Just learn to go around it, with the new items its even easier


what about 10 for 10

Why couldn’t we just make bows 2-3 emeralds? Takes away from diamond armor as well. But I like 8 arrows for 16 gold (basically 1 arrow for two gold)

hm, 3 ems thats not a bad idea :thinking:


That would make diamonds more useless than they already are


you know what

you know what

you know fricking what

lets remove bows and keep arrows

Let pure pvp skill determine everything


honestly i think arrows are the problem, not bows.
late game when you take a trip and go back to your base you’re usually greeted with enough gold for 2 stacks of arrows. i believe they should change the currency for arrows instead


Theres still boom boxes, iron armor, gen upgrade, and iron sword that use diamonds

yes but… people fight to control mid, not alot actually fight for diamond control. so making dia more valuable would make it like emerald lite.

well what do you think? i could be wrong

Coming from you, I can’t tell if this is satire or serious…

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I think it’s a mix of both

I have nothing to add onto:



actually its not pure enough

we need to remove everything in the shop except chain armor stone swords and wool

now its pure pvp

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If you’re being serious, that would break the reason to play twars instead of some random pvp server, which is strategy in what you buy & resource management