Mafia Mystery Advanced Murder Mystery

so This is Like A Gamemode In Murder Mystery
this Gamemode Is the Advanced Version Of Murder Mystery If you get to Borde Of the 3 Roles In Murder Mystery, they Start Trying Mafia Mystery If they Think the game is too hard they can just quit.
Also, This is Pretty Big so if they cant add all of them it’s Fine at least they can do some of them

The Order Is Name, What it Does, Item to use their ability, Team

Innocent - Nothing - None - Innocents

Sheriff - Can Shot Players If Kills an Innocent They both Die - Bow - Innocents

Doctor - Can Revive one Teammate - Healing Potion - Innocents

Investigator - Can Pick 3 Player To investigate You Will Know if They are Evil Or Good - Book - Innocents

Trapper - Can Pick One Player To Place a Trap if that Player is Attacked the Attacker Dies - TNT - Innocents

Veteran - If Attacked The Attacker Dies this happens Only once - None - Innocents

Mayor - Can Show To The Whole Chat that there The Mayor - Note Block - Innocents

Mafioso - Can Kill Players If kills a Member of the Mafia They Both Die - Iron Sword - Mafia

Janitor - Can Clean 3 Dead People If you do that their Role does Not Apper Above There Grave - Sponge - Mafia

Disguiser - Has a Fake Sword and Bow - Iron Sword and Bow - Mafia

Consigliere - Can Investigate a Player and you Will Learn their Role - Book - Mafia

Jester - if Killed By An Innocent Can Kill one Player as well and Wins - None - Neutral

Hater - Gets a Target if the Target is Kill By an Innocent they Win If not They Become a Jester If there target Lives To the End you Lose - None - Neutral

Murderer - Can Kill People Also There Nether Star when Use Trows The Sword - Sword and Nether Star - Neutral Murder

Werewolf - Every 30 Seconds Becomes a Werewolf Skin and cant be Kill and Can Kill this lasts 10 Seconds - None - Neutral Murder

Windigo - Can Kill a Player With a Sword But if Killed by someone That’s Not an Innocent They become The New Windigo - Iron Sword - Neutral Murder

Survivor - Just wants to Live - None - Neutral Being

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survivor : innocent
medium : too op. the dead person could just tell you who the murderer is, and you’d say it in chat.
tbh, I think this overcomplicates murder mystery. it’s supposed to be a simple game and trying to remember all these roles would be tiring and annoying
also werewolf is way to op because you can kill people and also be invincible for 15 secs every 30 secs

The point of murder mystery is to not be very complicated because most of the playerbase is kids. This is why they didn’t make TIMV but they just oversimplified it

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Survivor Just wants to live and can win with anyone and cant get the bow so not Really

Medium Is Op Tbh so I just removed it

Werewolf Can can only Kill every 30 Seconds for 15 Seconds so if everyone knows there The Werewolf There Time is not Done It will be vary Easy to Kill

I saw This Coming

It’s a Gamemode to Murder Mystery so If the Game Is Too Hard for the Kids To Learn they Can just play Murder Mystery

Also, I Think a Book That Says All The Roles Will Be a Good Idea so you can Understand it and if you need to find something it’s in the book Aka(Teaching Kids To Read Books Totaly)

if 15 secs, I could probably kill at least 5 people, if you’re invincible just kill everyone you could see.
also: they made murder mystery for kids as slime said, so there’s no need to add extra roles and overcomplicate everything

I just Realised I meant for it to be 10 Seconds

I Saw what Slime said And I Replied to it as Well

changing the time doesn’t affect how op it is. if it’s 10 seconds and there!s a large group near the sheriff and you see them, that’s op right there, especially if ur invincible.
honestly, once again, i think all these roles overcomplicate the game and you could say “there’s a book to show u the roles but you still only have 20 secs to read the book

You don’t have only 20 Seconds to read the Book

If they See you They Can Just run… as Werewolf and Wait for time to Run Out then your Dead.

I’m a person who can basically memorize all of the states in the U.S.A and most countries in Europe if you gave me a map, but I wouldn’t be able to remember a single thing in this complicated version of MM, This would make murder mystery like a complicated RPG, not good for a minecraft server


There Are 50 Us states and there 16 Roles Here I think Memorising 16 Things is more Easy than 50 Things

That’s not really a fair comparison. 50 states just need the name (and maybe a basic idea of where they are). With this, you need to memorise what the roles are, what they do, how to tell one from another, and what to do if you are one or turned into another one. While there’s many games of this complexity out there, most Bedrock players are kids. To really get a grip on how this gamemode works you’d have to read a guide and get maybe an hour or so of playtime. Most people just aren’t ready to sink that much time into understanding the game. Also, might just be personal opinion but this sort of game is only really fun when each faction/role knows what to do.


You don’t have to play it. Like i don’t play Mega and Hide en Seek but a lot of other players do

Hide and seek still gets above 1k players sometimes, Mega gets a decent amount of players, deathrun is dead but still viable, however, very few people (under 100) would play this