Jester Role in MM

Here is my idea for a new role in murder mystery. Since there is only 2 roles, this could make the game for interesting.

Chances: 2/16. They are quite common (Just a little less then sheriff)
Hub: The top right corner would have a picture of a clown for jester. The opening sound will be a witch.
Message: Once you get jester, your message would say: Trick the Sheriff into Killing you!
Items: The jester has the ability to pull out a iron sword that does not kill but lasts for 30 sec with a 45 second cooldown. They have the ability to taunt “kill sounds” like sword slash or item throw. They can also pass swords to others for confusion.
Color: Purple

I hope you enjoy!

Hey there!

The jester role has been suggested In this thread here: Mafia Mystery Advanced Murder Mystery

Otherwise I think a better third role would be needed or just. Or third role at all, this just isn’t that necessary

Also make sure to vote for your own suggestion!


I don’t get what the point of this is


I think it would be great, bc in mm people just shoot random others and i hate being killer in one of those lobbies

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I do like this idea, but murder mystery doesnt have (that) high a playerbase, and as they have already made the max level 100, i dont think they are going to be uodating murder mystery again anytime soon!