LoginStreak streak saver

Login streak updates

I think it would be cool if there was a way to buy something thatd save you from losing your loginstreak reward if you missed a day.

Hi there! This suggestion for LoginRewards is quite a usefull one! I think this would be super helpfull if you could buy an item or something thatd save you from losing your login streak.
It could be bought for like 300Qp and only bought once until the streak is over. And maybe Hive + get a free one or 50% off? I just think this will be handy if you have a load of Quest Points and are going away etc.

Feel free to give feedback on this. (Ps this isnt a dupe :frowning: )


unfortunately, it is.

please make sure to use the search feature before making a suggestion.
thank you.

This would make login-streaks inginuin (idk if that is spelled correctly) and it would take away from the people that have actually logged in every day

That is basically what the point of a login streak is for: how many days you have logged in for…


Yeah I agree. The whole point of the login streak is too see how often you login to the hive. If you lose then that’s ok, adding something to get to save it would be odd and:

I think this is a dupe too

Closing this thread as it is a duplicate suggestion.

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