“Leave game” item before game starts

In the 10 seconds before the game starts, add a “leave game” item (e.g. the dragon’s breath bottle).

More information:

This would be useful in these situations:

  1. If your party member accidentally leaves. Sometimes you don’t get the chance to click before the items disappear, and then you don’t get to /hub in time. For players on consoles where typing is extremely slow (or players who can’t type fast), this will make it so your stats show you lost the game and died, and in many games it can mess up the equality.

  2. If you queue into the wrong game. I’ve done this before (mainly accidentally playing Sky Royale), and many times by the time to realize and go to leave the game has already started or the items have disappeared.

  3. Party glitches. If someone in your party lags out or doesn’t get into your game (which has happened to me many times), you and your party members could easily get out of the game.

  4. New players. Many players don’t know /hub exists, and they wouldn’t know how to get out of a game. So they might jump into the void to get out or leave the server, both of which would take a while. This would be especially annoying in SkyWars, where you have to wait 30 seconds to die.

I couldn’t find a suggestion like this, so I hope it’s not a dupe

Its a good idea but it would make a lot of games have very little amounts of players

How would that happen


Because the game has already started, no new players will be able to join, so there won’t be as many players as before, and if u want to leave the game, just do /hub

But if you’re slow at typing or play on console and use a joystick to navigate it’ll take a super long time

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I think Hive needs to expand the player count in some games anyways, also this is an option on other servers and I’ve never really seen a game lose a lot of players, most stay.

This is true I played on my switch once when my laptop broke and typing is WAY slower with a joystick :grimacing: so I can understand that, also I’ve been in game where everyone one suddenly started leaving so I automatically won the round because every else left… so I see both sides of this