Change starting time from 10 seconds to 5

Change the starting time from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. This can be applied to nearly every game. It would make starting the game quicker and more helpful for people grinding ig

Also there’s the other side to this suggestion. Some might say that it’ll be too fast so people won’t even have the time to leave if they accidently queue. That’s where this suggestion comes in

hope this ain’t a dupe

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Here’s why I don’t agree with this suggestion:

  1. It’s quite fast. :alarm_clock:
  2. Multiple people on low-end devices need more time for the chunks to load. That can make it laggier for them or even crash their game. :computer:

Anyways, there’s nothing that bad with this, but overall I can’t vote. :pensive:


My tablet finally loads at like 2 seconds remaining, and it still takes a few seconds to render.

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damn I didn’t know it was that bad with some devices

well idk what to do now

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It’ll seem kinda random, but I think they should do like 7-8 seconds because I’m assuming most devices can render correctly in that time, and it shaved off a few seconds that people would otherwise have to wait.


You’re screwing over people with bad devices so you can “grind better”

PC isn’t the only device, and not everyone is privileged with a computer to use. Some might play on a console, some might play on a phone, one or two little Timmys might even play on a kindle.

Changing this barely gives positive benefits, but creates a whole host of problems which essentially favours PC players and screws over other devices.

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I mean they did that with block drop and other LTMs so why not. Although I can see the problem with crap devices.

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well there is a glitch called nether loading screen and sometimes you can get in the game in time but usually you will be sent to the pregame hub after the game started, this happens to low end devices, or if you q a gae too fast


I would recommend 10 to 20 seconds bc it takes a while to load some chunks, especially on low-end devices where the device cant load as fast.