Knockback Nemo with Knockback II

Hey guys! I’m just here to say that you guys should add a Super Knockback Nemo aka Knockback nemo with Knockback 2 I believe. It’s because, the first knockback nemo ain’t dealing that much knockback so I would love to have a super knockback nemo. Also, make Knockback nemos common because it’s so rare that I have only gotten it 3 times and I have played over 300 games on The hive Skywars.

please no ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎


Why did you write no? It is a very good idea

This is a suggestion mods please lock it

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clearly a suggestion

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Because it’s a bad idea :crazy_face: :hammer:


Lol! It’s not a bad idea. Also, netherite armor may come in the skywars gamemode and the knockback 2 thingy might be helpful.

The knockback nemo is a powerful weapon, that’s why it shouldn’t be too common, and adding something even stronger would just be unfair, currently there are barely any counters for the level 1, level 2 of knockback would be an instant win. We don’t need to game to be more random than it already is.


But, what about the netherite armor thingy? It’s Knockback resistant.
It has Knockback resistance 2

It wasn’t added, and I doubt it will ever, as I don’t see it fitting in skywars


I’m saying that I would be added. I didn’t say that It was added.

The hive has no plans to add netherite armor, and even if it was added, all other swords would be useless against it due to combos being impossible. If knockback 2 was added, it would be even rarer than the original nemo, which has a chance of about 2%.
Even if this new nemo was a 0.5% chance, it would make the game very RNG heavy, which is really a bad thing.


Good suggestion! :wave:

It’s very balanced as you can see PotatoPie25 :potato: said it’s totally balanced and you can easily counter it and I love watching Hive YouTubers they’re always right :fish: :slightly_smiling_face:

So why not add twice the punch that’ll YEEET :joy: people to outer space! :rofl:



lol. Enough people hate nemo and want it nerfed, this will just make that worse.

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Hey there!

A similar suggestion of adding higher knockback to Nemo has already been posted here

The Hive has tried to add this in the past, but quickly rolled it back due to how overpowered it was

With the patch that correctly applied vertical knockback and for its rarity, in my opinion nemo is perfectly balanced the way it is. Any addition of a second would just feel like a bit much

For these reasons, I sadly don’t see this being implemented anytime soon :slightly_smiling_face: