Knock back nemo

Hello again. If you have ever used the knock back nemo you would realise knockback 1 doesn’t do very much kb especially if you have low ping. So I was thinking make it knockback 2 so people actually take knockback when hit. I used one today on a 1 by 1 on the side of the island and it took the player a solid hits to move.

Edit: why did I put this in the tw section lol. I hate my phone sometimes

Well, knock back Nemo is already the best weapon in the game, whenever he slaps it is the worth of 10,000 knockback. He is an auto-win and even the sharpness 2 iron and fire aspect wood fall in comparison. He knocks back with the force of Nemo and marlin and moby dick combined. He is the best weapon in SkyWars.

(This was a joke)

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I don’t think it should be increased. Already its pretty powerful with Knockback 1 and Knockback 2 will send you flying off into the void. It would be super annoying.

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It seems to be inconsistent (my theory on why is that the hive doesn’t exactly process the knockback enchantment well) like some people go flying, and others barely take more than standard kb, so I’d try to fix that aspect rather than give it knockback 2 and make things even more wonky


Totally agreed. To me, it seems, when I use it people barely move a block, but when others use it on me I just go flying.

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I barely move it looks like I am cheating lol. Most people that use it though use it as a weapon and not as a kb item so I win the fight

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We actually already tried this but rolled the change back because it became quickly apparant that it was too overpowered.