Knockback Nemo pet and bird pet

if your in the pet store, they are 2 empty remaining pet, the Tank And the bird perch

The tank should be a Knockback Nemo, it is a purch that cost 640 minecoins, and 10 dollars

The bird perch will be is Bird pet, it cost 500 minecoins, and it cost 5 dollars

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These are pets suggestion

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Time Owl pet

One of these is a dupe, the time owl pet, has already been suggested here

knockback nemo hasnt been suggested (i think, )
Cool idea!


Editing finish

lol u didnt hafta edit it out•-• now is odd lookin

Unless you live in Canada that’s not how minecoins work

4 USD is worth about 5 and a bit CAD iirc