Knockback Nemo In TW

So, before you shut this down, hear me out: the knockback Nemo is a very op item, and very rare, so it wouldn’t be the best thing, but it would be extremely expensive, like 32 emeralds, since it’s pretty op. I don’t think this is a duplicate post, but i hope you liked my idea, and I won’t be surprised if this gets no votes. Thank you for taking the time to read this!


Hello RaptorBlue,

I personally am not a huge fan of this idea just because treasure wars feels very complete as is. I don’t see a reason to add more items as it would just make gameplay more complex. Also, to get that many emeralds, a team would have to be controlling the middle… Which would mean they most likely would have the knockback nemo and diamond armor which would make gameplay even more unbalanced. :slight_smile:


No one would get it in the regular game

It is

  • Nemos are already an item that should be only in Survival Games. This is because you knock people off the edge more in sw than in tw. Even if we remove that factor out of the way, tw is a much more brute pvp based mode because it needs more gamesense and has less rng

  • 32 emeralds is more than enough for 10+ stacks of sb which deal more kb and, its much more fun to use sb