Knockback Nemo Costume

We must have a knockback Nemo costume. Knockback Nemo is love. Knockback Nemo is life.
I want to become knockback Nemo.

More info:
The costume should be a clownfish with the same or similar facial features as Nemo on the “Knockback Pog” avatar

The avatar you get with the costume can be knockback Nemo hitting a player off a cliff with his tail or flippers while Nemo’s eyes are red perhaps. This avatar in a anime type style might look amazing.

I am not very creative so I don’t have many ideas for titles… maybe “Come close and you’ll get the fin/tail!” or if that title is too long “Don’t come close… OR ELSE!”

P.S: The Knockback Pog avatar should become a emote on Discord.


Idea: A Quest Master Costume! You could get this costume for 1000 QP, I do like the avatar, and the Hub Title could be “Fishy Business” or “i have power”, just some random titles, I’m not very creative either lol

Or this could just be a purchasable costume from the store, but it would be cool to have a KB Nemo costume. You have my vote!

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But that would make it an LTM costume, available for only a month

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^Yeah that is true. I personally will happily purchase a knockback Nemo costume for the usual 310 coins.

i would wear this everyday

I like this idea! Seems really cool! I’d wear it for sure! You have my vote :slightly_smiling_face: :beedance:


Y E S! It would be my favorite costume.