Knockback Direction

When players are hit, the knockback direction should be calculated based on where the player is looking at, not where the player is.

More information:
This might be a little hard to understand.

Say you were on a 1 block wide bridge. One player is at the opposite end to you. You both run towards the middle. No matter what you do, the player will always get knockback back to where they originally were. What you should be able to do is aim your cursor slightly to the side so they take knockback diagonally.

I also think this is why players that originally came from java think that bedrock knockback is weird.

Is this something HIVE has control over? I don’t know much about how server software and plugins work.


I feel like this is a built-in Minecraft mechanic and would be difficult to change.
This could also be easily abused by mobile players, as they can hit anywhere on the screen without turning at all.

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unless they use split

True, but if this was added I doubt anyone would be using split on the Hive.

true except pc and xbox/console and some mobile bois


Yeah I was using “anyone” to talk about the mobile players. Sorry if I was unclear

Won’t that mean for mobile players gameplay will be more balanced or fair to them?

I feel like giving mobile a big advantage that others simply cannot do what not be balancing for mobile.


Yeah but on mobile you’re limited to only fingers. On other platforms you can speedbridge, parkour better, and probably a lot of other stuff too.

I don’t think changing the way knockback is calculated will do much to help balance pvp.


Well, I’ve seen some really good mobile players who can speed bridge and parkour as well.
Giving this to mobile would just anger the pvp community as this would be an unfair advantage because it is simply impossible to do on other platforms.

I mean for other platforms, I would see this useful when a Diamond is chasing after you.

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I’m not sure what you mean?

I’m not sure what you mean players on PC and console not being able to use this.

Keep in mind that the average player would most likely just aim for the player, not try and hit them in a specific direction. This allows for more control without removing old functionality.

Also the main purpose of this idea is to add functionality, not balance PvP, though it is good to keep in mind.

Yes I know all players could use this, but on mobile devices, to hit players you do not have to aim your cursor at them. You can just tap where they are, this can be abused because mobile would be able to easily hit players off while looking forward.
This would just further the unbalance in PvP but in the opposite way.

Now I see what you mean.

True, but I think that this should be based on the direction of the player, so if I’m correct in the situation you described the player would be knocked forward, not off the bridge. If they wanted to knock them off the bridge they still have to turn to face the direction they want the player to be knocked.

The thing is that if mobile player has a higher fov, they can hit the player from the edge of their screen while still looking at an angle, knocking players off from distances not possible on other devices.

Hope that makes sense.

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Well knock-back is already based off the direction of the player while they’re hitting. :upside_down_face:

Yes but no.

In some situations you might notice this, but that is pretty rare. I think they need to either add this or make knockback rely more on player direction.