Keep Dave Please

Not many people know this, but the shopkeeper has a name, his namee “Dave.” I beg you hive bedwars is fine but removing our dave is too farm please change the model around a bit to have the chariteristics of Dave as seen here.
Atleast make it a pig instead of a villager

You can see the villager in the ss of bedwars

If not, maybe put him inside a house in the hub. Able to talk about treasure wars.


I think one of the unlockables is the merchants skin and i guess they could keep Porkrind/Dave

Edit: its not but: Treasure Wars Season 1 Concept

I think its a an amazing idea and would like the different merchants and this woukd be a way to keep Dave/Porkrind and maybe also the older Merchant before he was updated


Thats honestly true. Dave is iconic in my eyes and would hate to see him be lost to the fall of Treasure Wars. Even if they do remove him they might bring Treasure Wars back as a temporary event sometimes like Sky - Royale.


we need our fellow dave

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Gosh I would love this. He could be like El Goblino from Doors!


What? There are houses in doors? I dont play roblox and dont like scary games so u wouldnt know.

Also back on topic,

How come hes called Dave? I havent heard that before just Porkrind like in the Cuphead Game/Show

He could be a secret unlockable in the BW hub!!

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Yeah the community just decided on the name dave lol


I need him i miss him he was my everything

Yes they did add the Merchant Cosmetic!!!

But theres only 2 so it could benefit from Dave and Porkrind in following Updates

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r.i.p dave 2018-2024

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