Just Build EXP Higher

So in just build, the gamemode is so hard to maximise.

The idea is to make the EXP winning or voting higher like:

Meh: 1 EXP
Okay: 3 EXP
Good: 5 EXP
Great: 7 EXP
Love: 10 EXP

1ST: 50 EXP
2ND: 30 EXP
3RD: 10 EXP

So you can level up higher because the problem is

PEOPLE KEEP VOTING MEH SO THEY CAN WIN. Well some vote fairly but you know what i mean.

Also it takes so long to level up in just build like it litteraly took me 1 month to level up to level 3 some years ago.

And maybe if the hive managers add these features then just build will be 10x better because you can level up faster even if people just vote meh on you great builds.

Its supposed to be hard to level up since its only 20 levels and has no other game like it in the Hive. If they add more levels then maybe up the xp.


Honestly that’s why it’s only lvl 20. Being good at the game and also using booster gives you a better leverage at maxing faster.

thats a cool idea. why is nearly everyone toxic in just build

This is a dupe. XP Increase for some gamemodes