XP Increase for some gamemodes

XP Increased needed for certain gamemodes.

Yes I know, this has been mentioned a lot about how Just Build needs more xp as it takes days of playing just to get level 5 and there is 20 levels. A lot of people are forgetting about Murder mystery, Deathrun and much more.

Whilst I’ve been playing lately, I have noticed that some gamemodes like Treasure wars, I fly through the levels ( Could get a bit of a buff) where as games like Just Build, Deathrun and Murder Mystery, it takes me at least 20 wins just to get half the xp bar done. Just Build is extremely difficult to grind because even at first place you only gain 20xp. So, please buff the amount of xp earned.

Just Build XP Increase ideas.

1xp per block placed
50 xp for 1st
25xp for 2nd
10xp for 3rd

Murder Mystery
Sheriff Pickup 20+ xp
No coin limit for xp
Murderer Elimination points
Throwable elimination points
Killing the Murder as an innocent

SG xp for kills and standing at the end need buffs

Buff xp for checkpoint
Death Eliminations need buff
Standing xp need buff

Skywars eliminations need buff

Ty for coming to my tedtalk xD

no offense you must be really bad at deathrun lol

also ofc hive will update all game’s caps as soon as they can, however updates do take time.

although I agree with the JB ones and some of the MM ones, most of them don’t seem necessary; you’re not meant to be able to play a game for 2 hours and max it cough hide and seek cough ghost invasion cough

also please don’t make lists as mods/devs can’t see clearly what people want. also I believe some of these are dupes as well, so please search before posting

thank you for coming to my tedtalk.

also I flagged this so no need to ping a mod


I Meant that 20 wins one for jb