Idea: Add a skywars kits mega

Hive, I am interested in playing a SkyWars: Kits Mega mode so its half the server VS the other half

  1. Mega is LTM
  2. Lag
  3. How many players in total
  • it often takes a while to fill a mega lobby in reg skywars and kits has less players so it could take several minutes

like the whole hive server or just the skywars one

also this probably be too complicated/laggy anyway so it wouldn’t work

I’m assuming the skywars lobby like the current sky mega

i would say it’s not a good idea to add but Kits-Duos exists sooooo. i guess it is a good idea

How is it a good idea??? It will prob make the game lag and there arent even kits-squads/trios dude

First, of all, mega in sky-kits would first before its added have to have trios and squatsds at least (unless mega in sky-kits would be an LTM) I kinda like this idea though, so here’s my vote :blobheart:

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How will it be any more laggy than the current sky mega? Sure there’s some kits with more particles but if anything it would have less players than the current i.e. less lag. I do also mostly agree on them adding trios and squads first, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they didn’t.

I do need the answer of how many players will there be in one game

For me it will be

I feel like we can safely assume it would be the same no. of players as the current sky mega. I don’t play mobile though so I’m not sure what the lag is like there.

When he says how many in total he means how many people in the game i.e. 24,32, etc

Sooo… how many players are you suggesting?

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8-30 is your answer

Oh god thats alot, and if ppl in phone plays this mode and every single team go to mid and phone ppl go there too their phone will :boombox:

I’m guessing by the fact sky mega already exists though it can’t be too laggy for mobile players, otherwise they’d take it down. So since sky mega has 32 players (though 24 to start) it couldn’t be more laggy.

Also 8-30 is a huge gap. I swear there’s only 8 players in solo so even if you’re suggesting 4v4 that’s still half a quads game.

Ok bro

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