I Dislike The Gold Division in WARS-MEGA

So it has been implemented not too long ago, that the Gold and other resources in TW in their own respective Generators has been updated, making 2 and more players be in a Generator Spot, and the gold will be divided each time to each players it spawns.

However, I dislike this system. Because as the MEGA goes, there are a maximum of 6 Gold Gens, and 8 Players on a team. Leaving 2 be with no gen in the first 20 seconds, or standing within the other players to get their own gold.

Then the player who got to the gen first and got a teammate that also shares with the generator, gets less gold. And that affects the gameplay. It will be slower to defend now, having 3 treasures to cover with blocks, or gather resources.

So I Prefer the First Come First Serve of the gold generators. AT LEAST ONLY IN THE MEGA SINCE SPEED PLAYS A MAJOR ROLE

And Pro Players are also aware, that once the game starts, they will go straight through the generators, making less gaps of time, so they can be the frontliners of the team, speedbridge going mid and gather resources first. The less skilled players can be the ones to cover up and defend the treasures after.

The issue is, the way the gold generators used to work was not first come first serve.
I would almost always get to a generator first but someone who came later would end up getting all the gold. This happened every time to me.
The new system makes it fair for all players to get gold.


It Wasn’t First Come First Serve It Was Who Ever Has The Better Ping.

I have no problems with gold gens, my strat is to run between two gens (or even 3 if it’s Western) if all gens are taken by everybody. You get the gold the same speed as if you were at a gen alone. It doesn’t always work, but it does most of the time.

Also First come first serve won’t fix the problem. There are always people who AFK at gens just to get something like a stack of gold for auto bridgers. And if you don’t manage to take a gen quickly before others, what will you do?


It’s based off uuid and not ping lol
I don’t play enough mega to say what I feel about this though, but it seems fine enough I suppose

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Sorry, Whats uuid?

Basically its the identification for your xbox account, because otherwise you couldn’t switch usernames and keep your progress.

Why they base it off this, idk

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nah it’s fine because it was annoying for doubles players

There’s a reason the word “pro” and “WARS-MEGA” don’t go together.
It’s practically a way of getting free clips at this point


The only reason I play mega is because most players are clueless. I literally get 2 of the treasures then grab the other teams gold and use there shop to buy armer tools and blocks then get there treasure without them realising


Umm there is 12 players in mega

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(20 Characters)

I meant 12 on a team

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yeh but there are terrible team mates who steal from you.

He explained in the post how to counter that:

Yeh, think I’ll try that.

gold division? like in Ranked Sky Wars?

No gold division as in how the gold is divided among the players standing on the generator.

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The gold division part could be added only in a perfect world. Or in Mega where there are more than 8 teammates in ome team.

A right click on the gold block or some command is what I think you are saying. This will work as long you stand on the gold block on which the ingots spawn

The ‘pro players’ that you mentioned can carry the team to winning but they should face the problem of waiting for the newcomers to either move or stay till they get 5 gold and then rush.

Not adding this would make the game challenging other than the fact that hackers exist, noobs remain noobs and come in your way and you have to fight your way through the entire opponent team and break their boss

Adding this would remove the challenge of the game :((