Hub Problem In-Game Lobbies

Hey there!
I think almost everybody has had this problem while your in the game lobby: You accidentally click the “Back to Hub” NPC, and it takes you back to hub. This has happened to me many times, and it kind of sucks when your in a party, so the owner has to queue again. There should be a button where it says “Are you sure you want to go back to Hub?”, so you won’t go back to hub by mistake again. :beedance:
I hope this issue will be fixed because it will help a lot of players.

This is a great suggestion, there has been so many times that my friends or even myself accidentally click on the hub npc then when the game starts, they are not in the game. Also remember o vote for your own suggestion!


Yes I like this! This would go good along side the “Are you sure you want to Remove Friend?” suggestion.


Yes! Not only should it be the NPC, but the bottle in your hotbar should have this UI Pop up too. The amount of times ive by accidently pressed the bottle is stupid, nice suggestion

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Nope, I don’t agree.

The NPC in the waiting lobby that takes you to hub is at the center so you might misclick and it takes you to the lobby.

However, the bottle is placed at the *last slot of your hotbar so first you need to misclick the last slot then you need to misclick again.


Brilliant!! Every time I jump around hub left clicking, it takes me back to hub.
This should also be added as an suggestion to the Social Features Suggestion made by Splodger

P.S does anyone use it ever

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Yes, I already added it :). And yes, we all just randomly jump and click around while waiting for the game :rofl: :rofl:

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I personally have my sword in my last slot, so i always tap it by accident when I’m in a fight

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Although I have never personally ran into this issue, I will say I can understand how it would be helpful to players. My only additional comment would to make it toggleable since I know a few players wouldn’t want to go through another step just to leave a game. Good idea! :+1: