Hive+ Replay Mod

After Splodger announced that the replay pass will not be included in the hive+ I have thought of some ideas that would be good for Hive players and the hive team

My suggestion is,

  1. For those with Hive+ and do not want to buy the pass will have limits. For example:
    Hive+ Members 5 times a month can be used
    Those that do not have Hive+:
    Regular Members 2 times a month can be used

This is also means that for Hive+ members can use about only 1 time a week and regular player 1 time every two week.

This way Hive+ members won’t feel like being left out after just buying the membership that cost over $10 and regular players will feel happy and felt the best server than the other server since it gives almost everything that is better than other servers.

Secondly, doing this would also let the Hive team to have more income to upgrade the servers. since Hive+ members would already have 5 times a month to used for the hive replay mod, some people may feel that, that is just right, not using a lot and would feel not to spend the extra cash just for a year and would rather buy Hive+ that last forever which will lead to having more people buying Hive+ leading to more money.

Thirdly, doing this would also lead to more people buying the replay pass. Some people may feel that 2 or 5 times a month was not enough for them and would rather use the extra cash and pay for the year for infinity time of using the replay mod.

This is just my 1st suggestion. Thanks for your attention but please look below for more suggestions.

My second suggestion was
Hive+ plus Replay mod membership

This suggestion sound like buying Hive+ plus one year of Replay Mod. But nope.
My suggestion is specially for Hive+ members for this suggestion.
This suggestion continue the 1st suggestion.

  1. Hive+ members can buy the replay mod and use it forever at the price of $25. Of course people can still choose to buy the 1 year pass.
    Since Hive team said it will be cheaper than Hive+ my thinking price would be $5-$7 since it can’t be cheaper than a costume. Hence Hive+ members can choose to buy a last forever rank at an extra price of $25 it’s quite a good deal for both Hive team and Hive+ members. Let me explain why….

Firstly you are required to buy Hive+ that cost $10 plus the replay mod that will cost $25 total will be $35 and this will last forever. Its good for Hive team is because you are guaranteed in getting the extra $25 compared to $5 for a year and then afterwards they don’t want it already and you won’t earn that $5

For Hive+ members buying this would be more happy
as it allows them to save more money even if it’s just $5. Since it’s a pass that last a year, $25 means using the pass for 5 years but nope, it’s use forever not just 5 years of everyday use but forever use people will be more happy and feel that is a best bundle to buy

What happened if it’s cost just $2 a year for both regular and Hive+ members for the replay mod?

I think more people will buy it since I think it’s quite cheap for a year I can say it’s the cheapest. For me I would buy it if it’s $2 for a year.
I think this will also benefits the Hive team, since it’s just $2 a year I think most of the hive players will buy it. The most people joined on the hive was about 50 thousands players. So if each player buy one that would have earn $100K which is a lot for a year.
Not only that, I feel like after the replay mod release to the Hive, more new players would come and play which would resulted in more people buying the replay pass which makes more money than ever.

Regular members and Hive+ members would feel more excited and happy about it. Since it’s just an extra $2 can have instant to infinity use of replay anytime, they would feel more happy!

Thanks for reading my long suggestion!

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idrk why it’s necessary to have the replay mod be a whole entire product, but I completely agree. Hive+ users should at the very least get a certain amount of uses out of this thing.


Hey there :wave: I can understand why you want Hive+ replay cinema access but seeing it as “Hive+ should have access to everything on the server” isn’t the way to go in my opinion. :sweat_smile:

Thousands of Survival Games, Treasure Wars and SkyWars games are played every day, ALL of which are recorded and saved. “Saving” replays is most likely not free for the Hive either. I don’t know the exact numbers but there are maybe more than 100,000 Hive+ members. Giving all Hive+ members access to the Replay Cinema wouldn’t really be worth it. In addition, Replay Cinema doesn’t affect every player. Most players will use it for content creation, game clips, or other purposes, but it’s not really something that every player would use on a regular basis. The 365-day pass for the Replay Cinema is fine imo. :blobheart:


Whilst we appreciate your suggestion, hosting the servers for the replay cinema is rather expensive. Due to this, and the fact that the replay cinema is very much an ‘extra’, on top of all of our free content, we have decided to charge a small fee to access it.

If we could offer the feature for free, we would, but unfortunately, this wouldn’t be possible. The price of the Replay Pass will be relatively cheap, and less expensive than Hive+.

We will of course continue to release content that is completely free-to-play!