The hive should have the replay cinema included with the hive plus rank

Now before you think this is a terrible idea you have got to understand that I have the hive plus rank and I really think the replay cinema should be included for there reasons.

  1. It will make the hive more money

  2. It gives existing hive plus users the opportunity to use the replay cinema without buying it and

  3. It can give more reason for why you should buy the hive plus rank and

your are probably thinking this looks like a kid who is mad that they can’t get 800 mine coins to get a replay cinema but I promise you that’s not me and I know what everyone is going to say what about the people who have already bought the replay cinema well that should get refunded enough mine coins to buy the hive plus rank and I hope you don’t find this thread an spots and more of a thread witch could be relatable. Anyways bye.

Hey there! This a duplicate post and wont be happening as said/shown here:


Oops tried searching it up and I couldn’t see any duplicates.

Let me just delete this sorry guys.

Closing this as its duplicate and this likely won’t be implemented. You can refer to Splodger’s response below

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