Hive Minigame Maker Gamemode

The Hive has a lot of great games and Custom Servers are amazing to do. But there is something that I think would be a first to see on any Minecraft server.

Imagine Super Mario Maker but on the Hive
(google it if you are unfamiliar with it).

In simple words…

You get to design your own courses, levels, maps and everything else.
You get to make all of the changes, add a bunch of interesting effects or just create and change some functions of some games entirely.
You can use already built maps and add more to them or remove as well.

The only limit is your imagination

Basically it gives you every function the game has to offer and as well creating your own. But of course if needs be, there should be some types of boundaries and limitations to mechanics.

While I know custom servers exist, this can be something new entirely where you aren’t confined to just changing the rate of stuff spawning and adding extra lives in some games. This is pretty much making your own GAME, you are just given the building blocks (pun intended :sunglasses:), functions and commands to do it.


Just like with Replay Cinema, I would say that a paying pass is in check. This gives you access to something mammoth of a minigame creator so a pass that’s about 5-10$ should be in order as this whole project would be way too expensive.


As well, of course there is going to be moderation when building or creating something as is in the game. You can create something then send it to the staff to check if it’s alright as for there to not have any suspicious kind of things. I hope this wouldn’t weigh in much on the staff doing their job moderating but we would definitely need some sort of moderation.

Time and Effort

And of course it’s gonna take a lot of programming and a lot of thinking and everything but I would definitely wait for something as big as this. Considering most people could do whatever they want in games like this, this kind of community wouldn’t die down at all. And it would be amazing to see this on any server.

I would love to see this and while there are a lot of challenges especially on moderation and creating the game itself, but It would yet again change something we didn’t was possible on a Minecraft server. Thank you!


You got my vote :+1:

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This is a HUGE ask tbh, it sounds cool in theory but I’d probably wait until the Hive added more things first like more minigames. Although what you mentioned about map-making is a great idea. Minigames would have way more maps to potentially add to real game modes and the standard would be incredibly high!


I’ve always wanted something like this so I hope this does get added

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There was something similar on Minecade (on Java Edition ofc) so this would be a great idea coming from someone who thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Yeah there was on a server. I think DanTDM made a video on it. But that one was just Mario Maker in 2D, this is Hive Minigame Maker in 3D!!

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yeah I would love this! also if you come across an inappropriate game, then they could use a report feature.

I would love to have people have a chance to make their own games and have them get popular, and maybe if it’s good enough, (like super good) Hive could add it. idk but this is a great idea.

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This feels absurdly big of a suggestion! This is bigger than suggesting a new game mode! This would take a lot of time and effort, but it’s something I would like to see added. Amazing idea, but too much work with it. Creating entire new maps could be hard, I maybe see this with very strict tools, maybe like a generator, island, shop and main island in treasure wars, which would not need much moderation.
So I’m gonna vote, good idea! Also congrats on 1k subs


Obviously this is a great idea. Stuff like this has never been seen before on Bedrock and would almost surely be a huge hit.

The problem is, resources. This is a mammoth of a suggestion, basically the same as creating another server integrated into the Hive. It would need a much, much bigger dev team to pull this off, and I don’t think The Hive, or rather any server on Bedrock has the teams to make this a reality.


If people want to send in feedback, ideas, suggestions or anything really to add to this mammoth of a suggestion feel free to! I want to add some ideas to make this already great idea even better with you guys!

I think it is possible albeit it is going to take a LONG time to make, considering everything. But I want to put the idea out there so that maybe in the future we can look back at this thread and yea. That is if it exists soonTM.

Yeah, it’s possible, it’s just that it might not be the best thing to work hard on.

When making a game, I’m almost certain the dev teams converse with the owners if it’s positive benefits would outweigh the negative drawbacks.

The issue with this is that the Just Build community (which I assume would be the group that would use this gamemode) is very small compared to the number of total players, (basically, out of every 7 players, 1 would be playing Just Build).

PvP sweats aren’t gonna have any interest in a gamemode like this, and since like 2/3 of the Hive’s player base are on PvP game modes (treasure wars, SkyWars, survival games), it’s just not a good investment in my opinion.

If The Hive was like a fully creative server, then this would have much more ground under its feet.

But, since it wouldn’t be used that much after the hype dies down, it would cost loads, and it’s just too big of a suggestion right now, I don’t think it should be added just yet.

Still a great suggestion

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This would be cool and add so much more games to become popular ex:free shop op sg etc. You got my vote! :smile:

i really like this idea. it will take a lot of planning, and will probably cost money to use, but interesting idea. you could have a block called “red spawn” and thats where red team could spawn, or “shop keeper” and thats where the shop keeper would go. this would probably only be used in custom servers, but still a really interesting idea

Ok ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

If they were to make it, they’d have to make a special pass like replay for this, as it’d take up a lot of server space.


i vote this!

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I think something like this but for making maps would be better. A map maker would probably be more simple than a whole game maker but I think if they do add this it could be pretty fun.

you could do a suggestion for a map maker if nobody else suggested it