Hive Hub Update!

Wassup! Today I have a really cool idea for a hive hub update! Let me begin:

  1. A bigger lobby - The lobby just seems to small to me, there’s not really much to do.

  2. Add the train again, but permanently. This also means that the “CHOO-CHOO” hub title will come back! The train will take you all around the hub.

  3. Maybe a cool permanent scavenger hunt, and it will be about Bees! If you complete it, you get a free Bee costume with a black shirt on it.

  4. Lobby changer. Not everyone is in the same lobby, so we might need a lobby changer. The maximum players of the lobby should be around 190-200.

  5. (It’s already happening, ig) Add mountable pets on the hub, yes yes I know they are coming, but you have to exclusively buy a plushie of them. Why can’t we just buy them with Minecoins? Won’t that be easier?

  6. My final suggestion is that you should make the castle bigger. If you get to the top you can get a hub title called “Skyscraper”.

Thank you for reading this, and if you would like to give feedback, feel free. If I like your feedback then I will edit this thread, thank you again.

While a hub revamp might be cool, this would take quite a while to build and add custom things. The Hive most likely won’t add all of these especially in the coming year as they are focusing on more permanent content.

You can find the train suggestion all year round here.

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Love the hub title idea!

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Bigger?! The Hive hub is already massive, and people don’t spend much time there (unless they’re hub rats). The real focus should go in the minigames, imo


And they are gonna do that! Mixed Arcade will feature a lot of games, so after it we need a hub update,