Hide and Seek: Hider Curse

My idea is when there are less than 5 hunters and a lot of hiders, during the last minute, the “Hiders Curse” will occur. Hiders will have their health reduced my half, and also have purple particles over their head (Small particles, like potion particles, that are a smaller size) so seekers can see easier. It makes hiding on big maps less annoying.

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≈ Cam


I like the idea, but the particles seem too op. Maybe have the flash or spray out every so often?


Yeah maybe like auto do the particles every 10 seconds

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if u cant find the hiders thats just a skill issue, and this post was obv made by a seeker main. cutting hiders health by half is a bad idea bc running is a real, legit way to play the game and u shouldnt penalize runners for being good. Anything that reveals the spot of a hider is INSANE bc that kinda defeats the entire purpose of the gamemode.

If u find big maps more annoying u can always just vote hospital every time, hospital carries bad seekers very very hard.

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I really hope you’re joking. This is hide and seek and not any version of tag. Of course there is a mixture between them, but thats not the point. You can still run around if you want instead of playing the game as intended, because you can’t find any decent spot to hide.
Anyways the majority of players are very young, so they should tend to that player base over skilled players. You should be able to adapt and find new strategies if you are truly skilled, and not abusing a non intended feature.
Anyways I do agree with you that any way of revealing a spot is a bad idea. I think the better solution would be what they do in MM, a compass that tells you if you are near a player.

running is for sure an intended way to play, otherwise they wouldnt create so many fun jumps (the lamp posts on sunset, most of town square, all of harvest). Also, the more seeker mains there are the less most of the players enjoy the game, just saying.

hide and seek is currently the best movement game on the hive.

Also, seeking is insanely easy, if you cant just kill the runners after sweeping the map in around 2 minutes (no matter the map, 2 minutes is the slowest u should be completing ur route (except town square or sunset, those routes are longer (but easier))) then u really dont get to complain and should instead get better.

wait so you’d rather me dodge seeker mains by looping while they route so they cant find me and just lose, thats super unfun for everyone involved. at least running gives the seeker a chance if theyre good lol.

the problem is that seeker mains (the good ones) all know the spots, so being a hider main just isnt viable without some dodging, and dodging isnt really fun I’d rather just run lol.

lol I only ever lose to runners as a seeker and thats just bc theyre better than me, not bc “running is broken and needs nerfs immediately”.

LOL needing a compass to find hiders is simply a skill issue, I hope ur not serious

If u wanna de-incentivize runners u could vote for the post Wishfvll made about the buying blocks stuff, that encourages hiding and makes it actually fun.

Kinda hypocritical, “skill issue.” That is basically your whole reasoning, and it can be applied back to you, learn to adapt!!! I’ll say it once more, the majority of players are children! They should tend to the majority. If they only listen to the good players, then the game will get so competitive and not enjoyable. Also I’m pretty sure those jumps aren’t meant for the hiders to run, it’s meant for the hunters to get to players more easily.
Ah, I’m sorry, that was rude and off topic. :sweat:

If the children arent good, they can always either hide or get better. My 10 yr old cousin could seek circles around u and hes on mobile, dont discount people just bc theyre “children”.

no, bc the point of mm isnt to avoid the people trying to kill u, that would be silly.

I did and have, thats why I’m fine with how things are rn. this would completely change the game and make seeking extraordinarily easy, which is unfun for everyone.

Right, the children that want to hide shouldn’t run into seeker mains who want to kill them, I’m so glad you agree with me! In all honesty though seeker mains are more annoying to the children than runner mains, have u seen how excited some of them get when they win as hider?

Thats why hiding exists and seeker mains are actually able to win tho, I dont see how this is relevant to your point of “seeking should be made easier”

Idk if you are aware of this. It’s just the last minute so it doesn’t even change the gameplay much, just there to help struggling seekers.

Compass. Just a compass would be enough to help. Runners are extremely annoying, so half health also helps. It doesn’t ruin players that run all, just makes it a bit easier. Just get better to not get hit twice

I don’t really agree, we already have things that make hiders more obvious with taunts and blocks being in a fixed direction. It seems to defeat the purpose of hiding if seekers can just use things like a compass or a nerf to find you without having to actually search. I seek often and new players/children are more likely to insult me for sweeping the game than ask me for tips/get inspired to start seeking in my experience, I feel as if making the game even harder for hiders would just destroy the fun. I also dont really think ‘runners are annoying’ is a valid reason to nerf hiders? It takes just as much practise as the other roles…

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you conveniently forget that hiders can be children too, what about them?

just get better and hit them 3 times?

I still dont see the need to change this, besides u rarely play hide anyways so why do u care?

What? I didn’t forget about “childern” just didn’t mention them like that, because you seem to not be understanding what I mean when I say that. So I was trying to see if saying, “struggling players,” would help you understand better, seems as it didn’t. :frowning_face:
I don’t really care, just trying to be a voice for all those players who don’t use/know about forums. Oh my, I’m having a hard time wording this, so you are able to understand my reasoning. Hopefully you think about it later to finally get an understanding of a different perspective. Anyways I’m done here, feel free to keep arguing with me, I just won’t respond.

If there are less than 5 seekers, how do you think they’re going to win in the last minute if they haven’t been able to win thus far? A few more people may be found, but ultimately it wouldn’t change the outcome.


The playerbase may be young, but they’re also almost all hider mains who may become frustrated by a change like this. None of the maps are so unbalanced that it’s impossible to win as even just a mildly competent seeker, so consider practicing more if you do want to seek…


Please remember to voice your opinions in a polite and constructive manner, arguing doesn’t help anyone.


Exactly, so on top of it not changing much gameplay, it will help people struggling! I see this as a win win for everyone. I still believe the MM compass would be the best way to help what Cam said.

Ah, I see that is very likely, definitely hasn’t been proven. So maybe we try to find even ground for all of us to be happy. And don’t say this isn’t an issue, because it wouldn’t have been suggested if it wasn’t.

One person being frustrated (likely) because they lost some games as seeker does not mean that the game has a balance issue that needs to be addressed. Seekers are not going to win every time, nor should they. Do you think the game is unbalanced at the moment?


Yes, but mainly not for this reason in the post. And it looks like 4 people find this idea to be good, since there are 4 votes. And if you use the features given to us, or even read what I’ve said you would understand that I, do in fact, find this to be an issue. May not be a big one, but its still one.

To address that ^ just look at the response of a very smart person below

I really think you guys keep forgetting that this would only happen in games with a few seekers and lots hiders left at the last minute.

5 votes isn’t really a significant number seeing as suggestions here frequently get 30+, so that doesn’t indicate a widely recognized balance issue.

I understand the conditions for this idea, but what do seekers gain by maybe getting a few cheap kills at the last minute? Overall it would be extremely unfair (to the point where it defeats the purpose of the game) to hiders whose spots were good enough to not be found whilst simultaneously being ultimately useless for seekers.


I think ur completely ignoring moldbaby’s point that this would make lots of newby hider players rage because it would feel like a very unfair mechanic and could make them dislike hide and seek, killing the game because of the lack of new players.

You’re forgetting that hiders who die to this would be very upset about the mechanic that made hiding useless, even if its only under certain conditions.

A common fallacy is thinking that a compromise is a good thing, but thats not necessarily true. A compromise between a good idea (leaving things how they are) and a bad idea (a compass for seekers in any way) can still be a bad idea.

Sorry if I at any point during this post came across as rude, that was not my intention.


Ah good job! Something I can finally have a good discussion about. Alright, where do I start.
Struggling seekers will most likely be turned away from this game, as majority of these players aren’t playing to “get good” at this game. They are playing for fun, since Hide and Seek isn’t supposed to be anything hard. So the whole get good reasoning doesn’t really make since for this.
The issue here is that if it gets made to easily to find the hiders, that hiders will get turned away from this game too. So that’s why common ground is needed, especially in cases like this. I’m sure we can all agree that having particles above the hiders is a terrible idea. Half health could, in my opinion, be a way to go. You like running, right? But how many seekers find that enjoyable to try to catch them, I know I don’t. I will assume the majority of players don’t find runners enjoyable, unless they are the ones running. It is fun to run around, but when you are seeking and don’t have good movement, which I will imagine the majority of HnS players don’t have good movement, that they will absolutely hate runners. Runners don’t happen much, so I don’t see half healthy beinh needed, but could be a way to go. The MM compass is the best solution I can think of, as long as it’s not too precise. How precise should it be? I have no clue, but I feel as if the original MM compass would be perfectly fine. It wouldn’t necessarily give away any hiders, but point them to the general area of the nearest hider. Hopefully that clears up some of the mess I’ve been making.