Health-based Instant Chest Breaking

Instant chest breaking was just removed from the new SG update preview. This feature, although overpowered, was great if you had no weapon and were running from a person with an iron sword. It gave you a chance to get a weapon and defeat the opponent.

A simple solution to balance the feature is to only enable it whenever a player has less than five hearts. Doing this will mean better gameplay for all players, regardless of what chase you are in.

Wow. A new user comes and makes a non-duplicate suggestion. I’m impressed.

Welcome to the forums! Be sure to vote for your own suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes like the idea or have too tap 3 (doesn’t have to be this amount) times for chests to break since developing that would be pretty difficult might be wrong though. Voted for it also make sure you read the rules. Bedrock Forum Rules

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Thanks! I program lots of 3D games, and I do think it is possible to triple-tap chests to break them. It would be more advanced than the crumbling cobblestone, but definitely possible.