Gold Generator Restart

Ok so this is kinda weird but would it be cool if you could restart a generator of an eliminated team.

So to do it, you would go to that islands shopkeeper, and there will be an option under a category, not sure which one, but it would be possible to restart the islands generator. However, it will cost about 10 emeralds because lets be honest diamonds dont have too much of a use (price can be changed) and will be at level 1. It can be upgraded though for 4 emeralds to level 2. It cannot be level 3 however.

This could be used if an enemy team is camping your base and you cannot go anywhere, so you can get gold somewhere else. However, the catch is it’s permanent and enemy teams can make use of it.

I’m open to suggestions on this, and this probably won’t be added. Doesn’t hurt to suggest though!

I like this idea, but I think 25 emeralds is way to high. I feel like this could potentially be implemented if the price was lowered.


32 Diamonds !!!

No way, 20 ems


Yeah, I see your point.

Changed to this. Much better price ngl

I was kidding. 32 diamonds is the price of iron armor and nobody gets iron armor. It could be either 24 diamonds or 20 ems.

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32 diamonds for 3 gold every second? nah, maybe 10-15 or 5-10 emeralds. this is a good idea though.


yeah because someone would rather buy diamond armour with 20 emeralds


Good idea! I also agree that the price should be lowered.

I think that it generators should stay on in general. It’s stupid that it turns off after you eliminate


They don’t have to generate gold for their team because their team is gone. Why generate for your team if nobody’s there?

A restart is not a bad idea.

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You get free resources. Tell me another server that doesn’t do it. Every server does it without teams. Useful when you need stuff and you don’t have armer

True, but your team generator is probably at max by the time you eliminate someone.

That’s last thing I will say. I don’t want this to turn into an argument.

Not really. Some people rarely go mid on maps like mushroom where you only upgrade diamonds so you get the extra resources without going mid

You’re right. I’ve been afraid to visit the middle in Solos for fear of losing my treasure.

But Let’s leave it at that. An argument with different points is great, but it’s still an argument.

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  1. In what universe do people max out their gens before eliminating a person (tournaments dont count)

  2. why do you want to have to walk back all the way to your island if you run out of blocks


The price I changed again cos y’all have better price ideas than me

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15 diamonds?

20 ems is way too much imo. It should be 10-20 dias, maybe less. It’s really only 1 level one gen of gold, which isn’t anywhere near as valuable as dia armor

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hell, probably 5 diamonds! if i have enough to buy diamond armor, im not gonna buy another gen when i can go to my base