Global Experience For The Lobby

Hey, i just want to suggest to add « money » to the bedrock server, like on Java, with the Tokens.

Once you get enough « money », you can buy particles, effects
, pets…
and you can enable them in the lobby.

The « money » would be get by playing games, so this is like a global experience.

Please tell if you like this idea and why in the comments below.

  • I agree with this idea
  • I don’t like this idea (comment why)

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I think it would be cool to be able to get global levels and maybe currency you can get by playing games and you could use them to buy fun things in the hub


Global levels was actually a thing in beta , it was shortly removed though. Not many know about it. And about tokens thing I don’t see hive adding this for cosmetics ect since there’s a lot of lag in hub already since there’s over 20 NPC’s / colors and it lags phones a lot


I’m in a neutral state on this.


I like the idea, only problematic thing is how to balance it properly? If you look at Java, you can see that some games have the reputation of being “Token Grinders” while others give very low quantities of tokens.

For the same reason global, or “total”, experience isn’t a thing currently. Some games you earn more experience than others. The in-game levels are balanced to take a similar amount of time, but having a shared system across all games could be… complicated.

Any simple balancing ideas?


I dislike it bc what about stealing money