Achievements Suggestion

So today I suggest to add achievements for games, like Kill 100 Runners in DR (as Death), Kill 200 Innocents in Murder Mystery (as Murderer),
or Kill 100 blocks at HnS (as Seeker)

Those are just my achievements suggestions, but they can add as many as they want for the games ! It could be more challenging for people with max level or anyone else. The reward could be an avatar or a hub title, but if it’s very difficult to get, maybe a COSTUME !

We would see what are the achievements for each game in the hotbar at the waiting lobby, and what are there status (Completed, In Completion, Not Started.) and the reward if we finished it.

Thanks for reading. :full_moon_with_face:

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I think the goals you sent are a little over kill if they are daily because you require rare roles to get them

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@BlueSlimeMC They arent daily, its lifetime, so Killing like 100 innos in MM is pretty easy.

I think quests would be daily or everyone would get the lifetime quests instantly

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If it’s daily, the quests should be more easy for players to finish.

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Oh wait it’s achievements not quests, I got confused with another post, I think it’s too late to add them now

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Oh :open_mouth: What are you talking about ? Quests or Achievements ? @BlueSlimeMC

It’s too late to add achievements like those you gave examples for

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It’s just examples they can add other or just dont add them it was just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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hey guys hive development team here and this is day 18828289 of working on qUeSt MAsTEr


Achievements are quests. If they did have quests, I think they should reset every week and there are “ranks” of quests. Basically every quest you do, the quests get progressively harder, but the reward becomes better.

You would have to put in a little more work for a better reward, which I think makes sense.


How can Hive makes Rewards better ? There are only 3 types of rewards ( Hub Titles, Avatars, and Costumes ) and I don’t think Avatars should be a better reward than Hub Titles ( Costumes are the best reward and the rarest ).

Maybe a Money System to be able to buy cosmetics in the hub , that I suggested here : Global Experience For The Lobby ?

Or Hive should add more types of rewards ? I have currently no idea of additional types of rewards.

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Comments like these are why we hold back plans and information until very close to release now. There is no point to us releasing the quest master in a state where it doesn’t provide a good experience to players.


Alright, that comment was made to be a joke, instead of just calling the staff out. If you guys feel offended by that, then my apologies. I’m excited for the quest master comes out, not actually against it.