Giving yellow Steves a temporary costume for each round

When many people play Murder Mystery, there will be multiple yellow Steves and there could be confusion.


There are 3 yellow Steves. One of them is the murderer. How can you tell who the murderer is when 2 others have the same appearance as them?

I honestly feel like the Character Creator should be enabled on The Hive again. I know performance issues is probably the reason it’s disabled on the server, but people would want to show of what they made with the Character Creator.


Sorry, this is like free costumes just not in the hub.

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Maybe they could just make a yellow Steve costume. I know this doesn’t fix the problem, but it would be cool LOL.


This is a response from Splodger a while ago regarding this. Yellow Steves will no longer be a thing soon… :


nah, just randomize their skin/allow their skin to be shown in murder mystery is probably the solution

hive blocked yellow steve’s original skin for a reason-to reduce lag, unblocking them for only MM would be like unblocking them on all of hive

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Yes, it happens every game. But it doesn´t have to be a excuse to enable character creator.

Gamertag? It´s there for a reason. You don´t have to remember the whole name.

Picture this: Someone is named “FlyingBatata45834” you can remember Batata or Flying or the first 2 numbers.

Well not exactly. See, performance issues would be on the players, just imagine someone with 7 cosmetics on. BOOM phone players just lowered their fps to 25. (Unplayable) Now imagine 10k people with 7 cosmetics on. Yea you get my point.

I mean ok, it´s a great idea but 30% of Hive´s playerbase would leave cause of the huge amount of lag. The only people that would stay are people with beefy computers.

why not make every steve have a different shirt color?

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Thats wat im sayin you have my vote for this and maybe put yellow steve as monthy costime! Or shuffle original yellow steve wit the furrys so it win win!

They hide gamertags in MM.

The Hive Steve skin has been replaced with a selection of our Marketplace skins.