Gifting quest points

Hii there
I am a regular player on the hive Minecraft server i wanted to suggest that you should add gifting of quest points because it will be really helpful for gifting stuff like booster and monthly costume by giving the amount of quest points or you can help your friends by giving some amount of quest points to help them to there goal of reaching 1500qp for a costume gift.This will be a amazing feature and i will really appreciate it.
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You should put this topic into #suggestions, so people can vote for it.


No don’t!
It’s a dupe post

Hii i am really sorry but can you please tell me how can I post on #suggestions

This is already a suggestion, so don’t post another one, just vote on the first one.

Origional, (I think this is but let me know if it is not): Gift menu update!


Hi, I have already made a topic on gifting quest points. It’s okay if you didn’t see mine but make sure that you don’t have two topics of the same exact idea just to clarify. The link to my topic was linked by @Wizzotech above

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As this is a dupe suggestion, no further discussion needs to be had. Please make sure to submit your ideas here - Gift menu update!