Gift menu update!

I feel like just gifting bundles, costumes and pets isn’t enough. I feel like you should be able to gift quest-points, skin-packs (skin-packs by the hive),map creations (again, by the hive) etc. those were just a few suggestions. I any of you have a suggestion, post it! I would love to hear it, and maybe even
Hive staff will see this and maybe add it!

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(this is my opinion) I don’t feel that the Hive should add giftable quest points because quest points are meant to be obtained via playing the Hive, and Skin packs and Map creations I believe are sold on the marketplace and would be impossible to gift (but I could be wrong).


No, you’re right.
It’s impossible to gift skin packs / maps because those aren’t on the Hive.


Actually you are right @WizardYT3157 and @Wizzotech, that’s probably a bad idea to gift all those, but it was just a suggestion. If you have any, post it!

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Unfortunately, the only thing that could be added is quest points, which could be abused for infinite qp