Game Queuing System

The Idea
A queuing system based on levels, if a person is level 16 they should be queued with people who are level 16 or close to level 16 like 14,15,17 etc

Reason Why It Should Be Implemented
It just absurd that if i want to play a game I ALWAYS GET QUEUED WITH HIGH LEVLEL SWEATS WHEN IM JUST LEVEL 14

edit: instead of levels it should be based on stats ( enderanch678 told me this and i decided to add this )

Level does not equal skill. I am level 16 in skywars and I can kill level 30’s. If this does happen maybe do it based on stats instead of level.
Ps, this is a duplicate

didnt think about that, but the stats idea is a great idea

Hey there, welcome to the forums! This has already been suggested as shown here:

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Duplicate suggestion.