I have thought of a new simple game idea: Honey Hunt

How It Works
Honey hunt would be a simple non pvp game for anyone to play.
It is meant to be a fast and easy arcade game
There are 2 teams that will hide honeycombs around a map, after a time limit ends the teams will switch sides and find each other’s honeycombs.
The first team to find them all wins, each player has 3 honeycombs to hide, when placed they will appear 3d and can be collected by punching them.
One of the 3 honeycombs each player will get would be golden these are smaller and more shiny than regular honeycombs making them harder to find
This game could have 10 players per team. Players have 3 minutes to hide honeycombs and 7 minute time limit to find them. if players have not found all honeycombs by the end of the game the team with the most wins
This tracker would be similar to the innocent detector in murder mystery.
If a player hasn’t found a honeycomb in 30 seconds they will be given a tracker that will show how close a honeycomb is, all players are given this when 2 minutes are left.
in this game you can get xp by hiding, finding honeycombs, and winning
Hiding honeycombs-2 xp each
Hiding golden honeycombs-5 xp each
Finding honeycombs 5 xp each
Finding golden honeycombs 10 xp each
Winning 30 xp
I’ll list a few map ideas but first let me explain how they work, to avoid the game becoming repetitive (from hive not adding new maps) and players memorizing best honeycomb spots these special maps will be designed to be able to have different randomized versions
Here are some of my map ideas
GRASSLANDS a large hilly grassy area with randomized trees, caves, rocks, hills, and huts to put honeycombs in
DUNES a large desert themed area with randomized dunes, wagons, pyramids, caves, and huts
WOODLANDS a large forest themed area with randomized trees, holes, tree paths, tree houses, rocks, and leaves to hide honeycombs

I made these themes nature to fit with the “honey” theme and because they would be easier to randomize but if you have other ideas you can comment them
in this game you can unlock running particles and honeycomb claim effects, as well as hubtitles, avatars, and a costume
The game would have 20 levels

Running particles

Some of the running particles you can get include
Dirt particles
Rain particles
Fire particles
Honey particles

Honeycomb claim effects

Here are some of the honeycomb claim effects
Water splash
honey bomb
gold splash


Here are some of the hubtitles you can unlock
Ultimate honey finder

Loving That Honey

Honey bee


Here are some of the avatars you can unlock
Honey bottle
Golden honeycomb
King honey bee
Angry bear

For max level you will unlock the honey bear costume

Please give feedback and ideas on this gamemode

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bump because not many people saw this

I really like this idea for a game!

My only issue is that the map would have to be consistently updated so that players have a unique place to hide their honeycombs. If it were to be the same couple of maps, players would remember popular hiding spots and it would become a bit old. If you have an idea to combat this issue please tell me as I think your idea is awesome.

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Ye i 100% agree with this as currently that is the issue with hide, dr, and mm (the games hive refuses to update) because the maps create the uniqueness to the games and they get repetitive

Not entirely. I’m assuming by your post that the items you’re hiding cannot move. In Hive’s other gamemodes, there is a level of skill you can use to advance in the game. In the game you’re suggesting, players place an item in an increasingly easy to find place.

I added information about how maps would work if you want to see it :slight_smile:

I like the post, except for the golden honeycombs. I’ll elaborate. :smile:

I think it’s kinda an unnecessary game mechanic.
Why should a random player hide the elusive golden honeycombs?

Everyone will just be hoping that the person with the golden honeycombs (i’ll call the person the golden from now on) is a completely incompetent noob that doesn’t know how to play.

Even if people could opt out of being the golden, noobs would definitely want to be the golden!

Plus, there is no real benefit for golden honeycombs. They’re just kinda there.

Maybe each player could have one golden honeycomb.
This could tie into a mechanic that i think should be added.


Each team has 5:00 to begin with.
Finding a honeycomb would give 30 seconds.
Finding a golden one would give 50 seconds.
This would give a good reason for players to hide their golden properly.

If a team runs out of time, the other team wins.

Player count

I think 10 players is too much, maybe it should be 6 players per team.

Wow thats a long post

Thanks for feedback :slight_smile:
I decided to change the golden honeycombs to 1 per player
The main mechanic of them is just to be a more exciting thing to find that is more valuable and I actually might make these “smaller” than regular honeycombs because they are worth more and the main point of the golden honeycombs are more xp
Time limit changes
I don’t really like your idea of having to find honeycombs to increase the time limits but instead if a player doesn’t find a honeycomb for 30 seconds they will be given a tracker to use until they find one and after a certain time all players will be given this tracker to use (Similar to how mm has innocent detector in later game)
And the player count is 10 because the maps would be large areas and having more people would mean more honeycombs to find resulting in a more fun game

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