Game Idea: Honey Games!

Check above in the xp section for all game xp
This round would have kill xp and win xp bc it’s final round

Huh?? Where is it? Is it in the original post?

Edit: Oh Nevermind, I found it

Yeah I like the sound of this. I’ll vote

Here is the xp information

I don’t think that’s enough, 2 xp just seems kind of underwhelming considering if you get tickled you lose

I understand but because there is 25-30 players the winner will get between 50-60 xp I would make this more but the winner already gets enough xp from kills and surviving rounds

I think this sounds great and hive should definitely add this, although idk if hive will add it or not because it seems like a longer game that may not get as many players as some of the other more popular games, Ig what I’m saying is that the hive will need to put a lot of work into a game like this and im not sure if it will completely pay off


Thing is the skins look a lot like the squid game skins, which I think is to bland. If you made some sort of skin with like a honeycomb skin, it would look much better.

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Ye it would probably be something different. I just did something basic because I’m not good at designing skins or costumes

i like how we would get 25 xp


Bumping this game idea for more peoples to see :slight_smile:

a very very small bump i love this idea

Bruh. You seriously want to add a blood scary 30+ yo movie that kids will have trouble sleeping at night because so many blood and tryna figure out why in the world its called squid game to THE ARCADE WHICH SQUID GAME IS A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION AND YOU CALL THAT FUN BECAUSE ITS IN THE ARCADE???
okay [deep breath] and i also do not know why everyone’s talking abt honey games, honey ctf and honey etc etc…
Okay im just complaining. Moving on to the post.

Game One: RLGL:

Okay. Can you explain how many blocks there are in a distance of the start of the game to the end? Because if you have to travel 64 blocks+ with a random doll tryna obliterate u out of existance and- forget the doll your prob thinking of a giant honey bee or whatever to replace that AND YOU NEED TO TRAVEL 64+ BLOCKS AND RANDOMLY STOPPING AT ANY POINT IN ONE MINUTE??? Okay well my suggestion is extend it to 3 minutes. Or maybe decrease the amount of blocks needed to traverse the red light green light.

Cant you just do a random game- its way more simple…

Game Two: Speed Build!

Bruh if the game switches between each other depending on the players then it will be random so dont even mind number coding all the games its useless

For example???

Game Three: Dodge Ball

Again, no need. I’ll just skip this problem with the other games.

But what if the player count will get a primary number? (I mean idk if its what it means in english coz in indonesia we say “Nomor Prima” so its just abt the same but whatev) Such as: 17. It cannot be divided by two and will be unfair with another team having the advantage.

So do ther respawn or not, is there any kind of treasure the opponent needs to kill in order to eliminate the other team?

(Im skipping game 4 coz its a bonus game and i will complain abt it in the end before the xp complain)

Game 5: HoneyComb Rush

ffa or team v team?

Overall i dont see any problems with this gamemode…(Thinks: Finally A rest from complaining… this is so long-)

Game 6: Death Tag


Oh, no armor nor swords? I like the sound of that-
I mean you should edit this post and say that there will be redstone hearts so you dont get obliterated by the one punch players and strafe gods, and also add bows so they cant keep running away. Maybe like 1 arrow each for each player so it not really op.

Thats all. (Thinks: okay sam, one more game to go, you can do thi- oh wait theres still the xp thing and other things you need to complain abou- nvm no more getting your hopes up buddy…)

Game 4 i guess: Hot Potato!

Oh god, that reminds me of french fries- okay brb im eating im so hungry- i’ll edit this after i eat, but for now

G’Bye (i’ll edit this later)

Alr guys im back,

And i realised some things so i’ll talk about that later its midnight and i wanna go to sleep.

How? Is it a bow or smth

Umm what if they have a texture pack that clears the annoying bad fire texture that always gets in the way of my screen causing me eye damage and making me unable to start/keep a combo and die?

… what do you mean??? I also need more information about the map and uhh… this…………


Ways To Get EXP/XP:

Is this per game or per round (what i mean is that is round one game one??)

And i actually do agree, but i think you need to nerf it a bit since if we win other games we prob get 50 XP per win and this has more. I get that it is indeed longer and probrably harder but… i just think its a little too much.

Winning XP:

Im too lazy and im also tired and you didnt write anything really useful here so SKIP

XP Per Kill:


Okay but i still dont get how to throw the ball in french fries


No- just.
No. And im not an editing/kill phrase god so im not doing this.

Conclu- i mean im gonna answer some of your answers on my dumb post

??? Ohhh i get it… ok sorry i didnt remember

Alr ok well i still suggest 1 min and 15 secs or longer.

Forgive me if im wrong but i dont think hive wants to copy any other games from servers? (Except skywars and other things that are really obvious, obviously)

Ok. Ok.

Okk. Wait- dont make me talk about sweats making parties with other sweats to absolutely destroy the noob team-

Okay but i still dont know how ur gonna throw the ball dude


Yeah ur right.

Thats all, now:


Im dumb.

Nah jk:

Overall this is a great/good idea, except that it is ripped of of squid game-
But really the games and all is pretty good for some reason…

And i look forward to complain and get reasonases- or thingie- yk

(Edit: Voted because its pretty good ngl)

Adios Āmigōs

NO WAY, REALLY?!?!! Bruh it is clearly based off squid games What else do you think it is lmao

Now @SamPlayzMC9029, Ima just talk about the first bit of your post. A) these are literally just microgames? Just because it has inspiration from squid game doesn’t make it 18+, B) Around the time it got really popular if you looked on the app store or whatever all the top games were squid game games for like 7 year olds, C) they could just change the hub NPC and that would basically removr association

I’m confused why you even said anything about it being 30+ to begin with lol

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@masonmasterbot i edited my post now edit urs

Bruh you wrote the entire history of the universe

Ok time for another long reply lol
First the hot potato is just hitting someone with the potato (if you have it)
Just like in pvp and the dodgeballs will act like snowballs

I’m not exactly sure how long it would take to get across but by sprinting during green light it probably wouldn’t take long

Ye my idea Party Queue Match Making For CTF
Would also be useful here for this game and other team based games

I wasn’t saying it would be exactly like that (bc it’s not fast timed and it’s 1 round) but the it would be if you finish your micro build you will be safe from elimination

And that is what would make it a popular game

Hope this addressed the rest of the issues you had :slight_smile:

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Thanks for completing some of my questions, and sorry @AculAce For not responding to you- (maybe i will write another history of the multiverse about your complaints about mine >:) )

Even though this is a pretty good idea, i really doubt this will be added.

(No offense)

Im not gonna say the ending thing i always say its pretty embarrasing and weirdly annoying to me somehow%

Well ye, as I said I was designing games for a vid so these are just some fun game ideas :>
I guess I created it more to see what people thought of the idea and less because I thought it would be a gamemode for hive to add

Well i thought this was like so dumb cause hive would almost never add this and i thought it was dumb because it was a game idea so i thought it was serious- haha no im not responding anymore. Btw whats ur yt channel i can sub

It’s “The Master Bot” you can check out the vid with other cool game ideas :smiley: