Game Idea: Honey Games!

I want hive to add a new game called HONEY GAMES
Here I’ll explain how it works

What Is Honey Games?
Honey games is a group of multiple elimination games where the last person left wins, Think something like squid game.

How It Works
A group of 30 players will play 6 games, I will explain each one below

Game 1-Red Light green Light!

The classic game seen in squid game, and the first game in honey games
All 30 players have 1 minute to make it to the end of the 30 block arena
Or they will be eliminated. Instead of being instantly killed when a person moved on a red light they get frozen for 5 seconds
Only 25 players can pass this round resulting in 5 players always being eliminated
I know that RlGl was in sonic party games but this version would be a faster straight path possible with a few obstacles such as bombs
The game played next round will be determined by the amount of players left. For example if there is 21-25 players still alive they will play the next game which is speed build but if there is 16-20 the game would be the following game (also if there isn’t enough players to join minimum player count can be 25 meaning the rounds would start from there)

Game 2-Speed Build!

This is round 2 of Honey Games it is played if there are 21-25 players after round one. They way this game works is you are given a random structure to build, you have 1 minute to create your structure. This would be similar to mineplex’s speed builders where you have a small structure with o make such as a small house, a animal model, or other structures. Only 20 players can move on to the next round making you have to finish your structure before others can

Game 3-Dodge Ball!

The classic game dodge ball is round 3 of Honey Games
The remaining players (16-20) would be put onto 2 teams consisting of 8-10 players depending on the player count the goal is to use snowballs to hit the opponents. when all players of a team are hit that whole team gets eliminated resulting in 8-10 players left

Game 4-Hot Potato! (Bonus Game)

If after game 2 there are 15-11 people this game will be done in place of dodge ball, in this game there will be 5 rounds total each being 15 seconds long where a hot potato is passed along after the timer ends that person is eliminated. But the number of rounds played depends on player count when 10 players are left the game ends. The potato is passed by tapping the person. The player with the potato has extra speed but a small fire texture blocking their screen

Game 5-HoneyComb Rush

The remaining 8-10 players will play a parkour race. The players will each do a parkour course to a honeycomb in the center of the map. The first 4 players to reach the end advances to the final round (game lasts 2 minutes)

Game 6 FINAL-Death Tag

In the final round it’s a 4 player death match where like the sky wars death tag players have 5 lives and half a heart, the arena takes place on the giant honeycomb that players ended on in game 5 as the game goes on the honeycomb will decay meaning that if you fall you lose another life
To avoid people running and trying to prolong the game every player will have 1 arrow
The winner of this game is the Honey Games CHAMPION!

In Honey Games you can get xp in a few ways

XP Per Round

You get xp for every round you survive
Round 1-10 xp
Round 2-15 xp
Round 3-20 xp (same xp for both games 3 and 4)
Round 4 -25 xp

Winning XP

The Winning XP is decided by the amount of players at the start of the game, the winner gets 2 xp per player death

XP Per Kill/Tag

For every kill or tag gotten you get 2 xp
You can get kills/tags in dodge ball, hot potato, and death tag

Now I will show some of the unlocks you can get for Honey Games
Honey Games has 25 levels

Elimination Messages

When a player gets eliminated an elimination message will appear
Here are some examples of some messages
basic player was eliminated
Player got DESTROYED
Player got lost and died
Player forgot to play the game


You can get player and projectile trails
Some examples are red, blue, other basic colors, fire, ice, honey, gg, portal

Player Suits

You can unlock different suits to wear during the game
With your player number, which is decided by how full the game is when you join (for example 1st person in a game lobby would have 1)
Examples of player suits are
default yellow, green, red, fire, ender


Like all games you can unlock hubtitles from Honey Games
Here are some examples
Traffic Jam!
Dodge The Ball!
MASTER Of The Games!


Like all hive games you can unlock avatars
Some examples are
Traffic light
Dodge ball
Fire potato
Crown Honeycomb


For max level you will be given the Honey Guard costume
basic costume design

Please give your feedback and ideas on this game, I am designing multiple games that I want added to hive!


I’m going to work on creating some concepts for hubtitles, avatars, costume, and the game, because this idea is going in my youtube video
But if any good artists are interested in something like this they would get credit in the yt video for art


So its the sonic event game that was added for the sonic event but people who lose get kicked out of the game? Also some of these games are just gamemodes from other servers like Galaxite’s rush, Mineplex’s speed build, and Cubecraft’s minerware which includes tnt tag, hot potato, and dodgeballs but the dodgeballs are snowballs. (All mentions of servers are NOT attempts at ADVERTISING) Also, red light green light is from the sonic game. Maybe some more unique games would be better?

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My Idea of making this game was to be a party games type game
Also I think that the hive would be fine adding some of these games
Just as long as they has some uniqueness
Speed build: while it is kinda similar instead it’s just copy the build and finished, maybe custom blocks?
Red Light green light: tbh I forgot that was in sonic games but in this version I would think it was be a more simple faster straight race
Maybe with some obstacles.
Hot potato idk just in a special hive arena,

So I think hive would want to have some basic recognizable games with the more unique ones to attract players
Kinda like hive bridge, it’s a popular game but hive made it basic only with a few additions such as kits and the detail
Thanks for feedback


Galaxite also has dodgeball with snowballs if I’m not mistaken.

I think you should use the sonic rlgl because it seems more fun then just a straight line.

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Maybe I just think that it might be too long and complex with the other 5 games that there already is


Gladly, I’ll give feedback anyte you want!


TBH this is exactly like Minerware on CubeCraft

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Not really, minerware is randomised microgames whereas this is a predetermined order, but yeah definitely can see the similarities

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Hmm, I guess I’ll vote

This is different from mine ware the games are each detailed and around 1 minute, and they are in an order. Also the point is for this to be an elimination game more than a party games

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Well I’m on board now. CubeCraft is laggy anyway so it would be nice to have micro games on the Hive. Possibly in the Arcade hub? No, definitely in the Arcade hub

Some of these games alone would actually make some good hub games such as hot potato, dodge ball, or death tag

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Huh, what’s death tag? Minerware on CubeCraft has a combination of death tag and hot potato called TnT tag. So I think you should get rid one of them.

Death tag is just the sky wars preset being turned into a full minigame but
If you don’t know about the death tag preset in sky wars I’ll explain

It’s 1 hit kill with 5 lives

Oh, then what’s the point of turning it into a full game when it’s already playable

Eh I find it to be really fun and I think the 1 hit kill mechanic would be good for a minigame like this allowing more people to discover the death tag game

Hm, what would be the player limit?

Death tag is the final round of honey games so it’s a 4 player death match

Ok ok ok, what’s the XP system?