Party Queue Match Making For CTF

Small suggestion but I suggest adding a party queuing system into capture the flag
This would mean that players who are queuing in with parties would be queued into games with other parties.
The party queuing will try to queue you into the most related player platform and similar sized parties
This is to make the games even so a sweat party can’t keep getting the advantage against the other team of random players.
please give feedback on this

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It’s so annoying getting queued with sweats in a party that are voice chatting with their team (That last part is just a belief XD)


so with this you couldn’t que into a normal match in a party?

This just means you’ll be queued into any game that has a party in it but with low player counts it would probably have to be normal matches

since parties are already playing when less people are playing in order to evade pbmm, I doubt there would ever be enough people to make this happen for a large number of sweat parties. However, hive doing this would be a nice step in the right direction, so voted.

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Yes… and no :confused:

You are right with the party sweats but if you’re in a party of 2 and queued with a party of 4 you will still fail against the sweat party team you know :confused: I understand where you’re coming from but you gotta keep this in mind​:white_check_mark:

True, I would say that the party matchmaking would try to queue you in with the most similar sized parties. Thanks for feedback!

Bump :smiley: so more peoples can see

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Another bump so more peoples can see this :slight_smile: (and give their thoughts maybe)