Friend chat

**Idea:*so Hive should add a friend chat

You can go to your friends list and chat with your friends and this could be useful to say when you changed your ign or got max level in a game.

Do not disturb
If you send someone a message you will not get the notification on your f list

Because of Microsoft, 1 on 1 conversations aren’t possible.


I like the friend chat idea. Maybe instead of being actual chat there could be a gui to type messages. The messages could be moderated by hive staff, but this might just take too much moderation and jumping through hoops, so I don’t see this being implemented.

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Like Jaye said, this would not be possible since Microsoft prohibits one on one conversations.

This would be a nice idea, but as Jaye said, this sadly can’t be implemented due to Microsoft, 1-1 conversations are not possible

I really don’t understand why Microsoft don’t allow 1 on 1 conversations, it just seems annoying


It is only for player safety. Even having one more person to watch, given a party of 3, significantly reduces the amount of rule-breaking messages that people receive, and also allows for other people to bring such messages to the attention of staff. That said, if you have any questions you can ask in the Hive Discord. Merry Christmas. :christmas_tree:


So say in a game of treasure wars, all except 2 people die and leave, will chat disable?

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The chat is in the friends list

The chat is in the f list

No, this is not the case. Not all one-on-one conversations can be avoided, but preventing most of them still helps the issue. That said, I’m not Hive staff and don’t know as much about it as they do. If you want more info you can ask them :+1:

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